Can Trunki Be Used As Hand Luggage? Conflicting Info!

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It’s lightweight, easy to carry, and has a strap to turn it into a shoulder carrier; the Trunki is the perfect luggage for traveling with children. At least, it’s almost perfect.

Can the Trunki be used as hand luggage? In most situations, you can use the Trunki as a carry on as it won’t get overly heavy and can fit in the space underneath a plane seat, but there are some situations where the Trunki isn’t allowed as a carry-on bag.

Although the Trunki can make traveling with your child a little more convenient, there might be some other ways to ease your travels. Let’s check it out in further detail.

Can Trunki be Used as Hand Luggage, Really?

The Trunki company claims that Trunkis work as hand luggage, and though this is true for most situations, it can be a little misleading. It’s not that it isn’t functional. It’s just that it’s not always going to actually fit all airline’s dimensions of “hand luggage.”

The Trunki itself isn’t outright banned from the plane; it’s just that the Trunki doesn’t fit the specifications to fit properly into the carry-on section.

Some Airline Restrictions Camp Trunki’s Style

Most airlines around the world allow for Trunki to be used as a carry-on as it fits the specifications for the carry-on luggage space. Be sure to check all the airlines you are scheduled to fly with so that you can find out if Trunki fits the specifications for the airline.

However, some airlines, such as Ryanair, have luggage restrictions which make Trunki too large to fit underneath the seat or above the seat.

If you know that you’re flying in a smaller airplane, there might be a good chance that the dimensions for the carry-on bags are going to be smaller than the airlines’ standard sizes. Before you travel, be sure to check with every airline that your flying with to ensure that you use Trunki as a carry-on.

Trunki’s Size

Trunki’s are a very nifty design, making it easy to carry and easy to ride. The dimensions of a Trunki are 46cm x 31cm x 20cm. It’s the 46cm width of the Trunki which usually causes the problems for using a Trunki as hand luggage. It can make it hard to squeeze between leg posts or up into an overhead storage bin.

The Trunki is a very lightweight piece of luggage at only 3 pounds without being packed. If you do need to have it stowed away, then there’s a very slim chance you’ll have packed it more than the weight maximums.

The Trunki does have a strap, which is used to pull the Trunki behind, but it can be latched to the other end of the Trunki and turned into a convenient shoulder strap.

The Benefits of Using a Trunki

The Trunki can make travel easier for you and your children. There are a lot of benefits you can get out of the Trunki:

  • Kids Love It
  • Great Storage Space
  • Easy Child Transportation

The fun designs and bright colors of the Trunki are a delight for children. They come with several different designs that your child can choose from.

A Trunki can carry all that your child needs for the travel. This frees up more space in your luggage. They are easy pulled even by the child once the Trunki is full.

The Trunki was designed to allow children to ride the luggage and be pulled along behind. This helps with getting around the airport quickly, allows your child to take a break, and means you don’t end up carrying your child and their carry on.

The Cons of Trunki

As all things have a downside, so too does the Trunki. Some of the cons you’ll find with the Trunki are:

  • Carry-On Restrictions
  • Expense
  • Bulky

As mentioned above, some airlines might not let you use a Trunki as a carry-on if they don’t fit in the carry-on storage. This can add the unexpected cost of having to check the Trunki as below cabin luggage. This is a little misleading because the company claims that the Trunki can always be used as a handbag.

Trunki can be expensive. The cost of the Trunk is just above $50, but it can cost a lot to ship if you don’t live in the United Kingdom.

The bulkiness of the Trunki doesn’t become an issue until you have to fit it into tight spaces or carry it all with other bags. Even with the shoulder strap, it can get annoying if you are trying to carry your child’s Trunki and your own luggage at the same time.

Safety First

Although Trunkis are designed for safety, it's still good to be cautious if you're pulling your child behind you on the Trunki. Sudden movements can whip the child off the back of the Trunki if they don't have a proper center of gravity or they aren't holding on.

It can be a little difficulty maintaining the direction of the Trunki as you pull it behind you along with other luggage. It can easily veer off towards other travelers in the airport.

The latches on the Trunki secure tightly so that the suitcase doesn’t burst open while the child is riding it. There is also a specifically made key that is used to lock and unlock the Trunki. Make sure that the Trunki is locked before having your child ride along.

Ages For Trunki

The advertised ages for the Trunki are 3 to 6, but this can vary from child to child. If your 6-year-old is taller than average, they may have to retire from riding the Trunki early while other children have gotten away with riding the Trunki until they were 8 or so.

The maximum weight which can ride on a Trunki is 100 pounds, but it can be a big matter of leg length as well. If your child is too old for their Trunki, but they still enjoy the concept, then there are alternatives to Trunki that are designed for older children.

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Alternatives to Trunki

Trunki is the original children’s ride-along luggage, but since it’s hit the market, there have been many other products to hit the shelf with the same idea in mind, easing travel for children. There is luggage for your child's size or small backpacks which are easier fits into tight storage holders.

Some people go with the intention of packing a piece of luggage for two or more people. If you're already planning on checking a bag, then it might be worth it to purchase larger luggage and pack the child's things into your suitcase than your checking.

Other Ways to Ease Traveling With Children

There are other ways to ease your travels with a child other than using a Trunki. Some of these include:

  • Don’t overpack
  • Snacks
  • Entertainment
  • Pack necessary items in easy-to-reach spots
  • Travel during the day
  • Breaks

    Be sure that you don’t overpack things. You'll most likely be brought back a thing or two which will require some room. You also don't want to be stuck carrying too heavy of luggage onto the plane. Careful not to overpack you checked-in luggage if it goes over a certain weight the airline will charge you more to carry it.

    Always be sure that you have snacks in an easy to reach the place. Plenty of snacks, because you don’t want your child getting hungry midflight and adding even more stress to the situation. Don't rely on the airline snacks, because more times than not, it won't be enough to satisfy your child's hunger.

    Sometimes airlines offer a little entertainment, such as a screen in the back of the seat to watch movies from a preselected list. Even if there is entertainment by the airline, you're still going to want to bring plenty of extra stuff to keep your child occupied for longer flights. Books, electronic devices, and coloring supplies are all great and easy to carry on board the plane.

    You’ll want to make sure that you pack everything essential in your carry-on. That would include diapers, wipes, and any sort of emergency medication that you are regularly carrying for your child. If you don’t intend you to use your phone during the flight, then there are thousands of games you can download to your phone which can help pass the time for your child.

    If you can travel during the daytime, it can save you some headache while traveling with your children. Having to swap flights in the middle of the night means that you might be waking up your child and messing with their sleeping routine which might cause them to become irritable and further add stress while trying to get to your destination.

    If you can break your flights into smaller ones, this will allow you and your child to take a break. It will add to your travel time, so if that’s an issue than avoid the layovers, but if you’re not in a rush, you’ll appreciate the breaks and a chance to get out and walk around.

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