Is Traveling Worth It? Here's Why To Love Or Hate Traveling!

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Traveling is not for everyone, but how do you know if traveling is worth? Really. It is up to the individual. In this blog post, I am going to cover, why to hate, and why to love traveling.

I love traveling, d'oh I have a traveling website. But what I don't tell you is that I also really love staying at home. I do understand why people do not want to travel.

Every time I go home from a vacation, I am exhausted, especially traveling with two smaller kids. Traveling as a couple, and individual or with friends is much more enjoyable, but nothing, really beats the moments of bliss and the permanent memories you make, while you are away.

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Is Travelling Waste of Money?

The fastest way to assess if you think traveling is a waste of money or not is to do a Pro & Con list of what is good and bad about traveling.

10 Pros and Cons of traveling

A break from the daily routine lifeTraveling days are stressful
It's exciting to experience something newIt's safer to stay at home
Traveling is worth the moneyIt is expensive to travel
Feeding the wanderlustBeing homesick
You get closer as a family while travelingDiscomfortable & tiring situations
Try new foods and cuisinesDietary issues can arise
Traveling gives you some cool stories and lasting memoriesMiss important events at home
Travel opens your mind, challenges you and is educationalLonger travel puts your career on a pause
You get to see animals not living in your own countryYou can't really have pets if you travel a lot
See all the beautiful sights our world has to offerEnvironmental impact is huge on air flight

What Are The Disadvantages of Traveling?

  1. Traveling days are stressful
  2. It's safer to stay at home
  3. It is expensive to travel
  4. Being homesick
  5. Discomfortable & tiring situations
  6. Dietary issues can arise
  7. Miss important events at home
  8. Longer travel puts your career on a pause
  9. You can't really have pets if you travel a lot
  10. Environmental impact is huge on air flight

What Are the Good Things About Travelling?

  1. A break from the daily routine life
  2. It's exciting to experience something new
  3. Traveling is worth the money
  4. Feeding the wanderlust
  5. You get closer as a family while traveling
  6. Try new foods and cuisines
  7. Traveling gives you some cool stories and lasting memories
  8. Travel opens your mind, challenges you and is educational
  9. You get to see animals not living in your own country
  10. See all the beautiful sights our world has to offer

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No Desire to Travel? Do You Even Want to Travel?

Instagram and other Social Media sites are full of seemingly successful people, who makes it look like you need to travel to be happy.

Remember that many of these Instagrammers and pseudo-celebrities get paid to travel, and to make it look like it is the best thing in the world.

No one has to travel!

In fact. I think that many people are happy to stay at home.

You don't have to feel guilty or to feel like there is something wrong with you if you really just want to stay at home. Traveling can be stressful at times.

In my personal opinion, I think that you miss something in life if you do not go see other parts of the world.

I live in a society where people are quite well off.

In Denmark our safety grid is there to protect you if you should stumble on your way through life, education is free, and as a young adult moving to another city to study, you actually get an allowance from the state, to study.

But people still complain about all kinds of stuff, hospitals (which is also free), the care for the elderly (which is free) or the fact that you cant study for more than a set number of years for free.

I think that this is a result of narrow mindedness and entitlement. People like these would be so much happier to put their own life into perspective.

Traveling makes you happier than your home - In My Opinion

How Much Should I Spend on Travel?

Travel vs. Saving Money

This is actually a great topic!

If you are anything like me, a saver at heart then over spending really hurts.

I suffer from a bad case of "Buyers Remorse" every time I buy something too expensive, I will grow to hate that item. The best cure is just to sell it again and never see it.

I never really felt that way about traveling, except for once. I do not regret going to New York, but it was just so expensive to go and I am not visiting New York again, unless I am in a different financial situation.

Right now we have two small children, and we want to go see the world, and this year we decided to only take small inexpensive trips because we want to go on longer trips with them when they are old enough to remember it.

Should I Save Money or Go on Vacation

If we had money to go now, and every year, we would. But right now we are prioritizing a longer trip. That being said, we have been away once this summer, and we are going again in two weeks time.

TIP: Try picking some cheaper locations, to save for a more expensive longer trip.

Is Traveling a Passion?

You know what? It is up to you!

I don't know if traveling is my passion when I hear people talk about passion in the news or in articles online, I feel they have a burning sensation inside them.

I don't really feel the way of passion about anything, in particular. I like traveling a lot. I also like staying at home.

I like my job, I like a lot of things. But honestly, what is a passion? It might be just, the things you like to do?

If so, then traveling is a passion, if you like to travel. If you do not like to travel, then don't travel ! :)

Will Traveling Make You Happy?

It makes me happy. Have you tried traveling? Just do it, it will be worth it!

Hello, my name is Simon. I love traveling, and so does my girlfriend. I am an internet entrepreneur and I run my own company, but I have also been working as a tourist guide for a short time - years ago.

We have two kids now, and we want to take them out, to see the world.

As there are a few more obstacles traveling with kids. Follow our travels, reviews, and path to knowledge

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