Should You Take Your Kids To Your Honeymoon?

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This is a highly opinionated post, and there is no definitive answer to this topic, so I will just share my opinion with you so that you can decide for yourself.

Should you take your kids to your honeymoon? Traveling with your kids is a healthy way to bond with your kids, and bringing your kids along on the honeymoon will be great for both your relationship, and for the family both short term, and long term. The benefits also include the possibility of a longer honeymoon

I honestly don't believe in marriage as a holy institution, we are not married either, so who are we to speak of this?

I can only list you the benefits of traveling with your kids, and then you can decide, if it is worth missing out of the opportunity, just for the sake of some romance-time with your spouse

4 Reasons Why You Should Bring Your Kids on Your Honeymoon

Before starting this blog post, I would say that it might depend on the age of your kids! But by searching with the words kids, I expect your kids to be children and not in their late teens.

I would say, that if you get married late or is entering a new marriage, and the kids are maybe older than 16, I would probably edit my statement.

If this is the case, I would say that you should leave them at home, they are probably able to take care of them self or they can maybe stay at their grandparent's house or something like it.

They would probably be glad to stay at home with their friends, but if not, and they really want to go, you should really consider taking them, and maybe get separate rooms, for everyone's sake.

For those of you, who have young children

You should definitely bring them, a honeymoon in my mind is a celebration of living together as a family, and the celebration of love, just as the marriage.

Make the kids a part of this celebration and make some great memories for everybody. Make it a family honeymoon instead of a couple's honeymoon.

#1 It is great bonding-opportunity for the family

Whether you're joining a new family, or you are just getting married after you've had your kids, traveling with your kids is a great bonding-opportunity for everyone in the family.

More than ever, the kids need to be with you, on this escape from daily life with smartphones, jobs, mortgage, daycare, late hours at the school and jobs.

We live a time, where Social Media takes up our entire spare time, the time we have with our kids in the daily routine is likely to get sucked away by the smartphone or the tablet.

Our generation and our kids are most likely to be technology-addicted.

Getting away from the stress and the busy everyday life is needed for everyone, especially your kids.

I have talked about leaving your smartphone at home when going on a family vacation.

Take the time to just be together, it doesn't have to be in a fancy hotel in Thailand, it can just be in a cabin somewhere in the woods, with plenty of board games. A technology-detox is great for the future of your family and your relationship.

#2 You create memories together with the kids, not without them

When you look back at your family honeymoon, and when you look at the photos that you have hung up afterward, you think about how great the time was, with your kids and your spouse.

You will be able to reminisce about being together, and it is something that you will share with your kids and not only your spouse.

Not bringing the kids, can cause you to think that the kids are the problem, and remember the honeymoon as a great vacation, and make you think that it was great because it was only the two of you.

#3 You will be able to go on a longer trip

If I were to budget a wedding, I would put 75% of the budget into the family honeymoon and leave 25% for the wedding itself.

With small kids, your honeymoon probably has to only last for a weekend or 3-4 days, tops.

Think about leaving the busy life for a month with your kids? You have the opportunity to stay away for a longer period of time when bringing your kids.

Especially if you have smaller kids, because you will miss them, they will miss you, and your babysitter will miss you too.

Who would you trust with your kids for more than a week, besides your own parents? Not many people, right?

Traveling together with your kids brings you closer together instead of literally creating distance between you.

You can always go on a romantic weekend together. I don't think a romantic weekend should be your honeymoon.

#4 You will have limited time with your children

Enjoy it while it lasts, you have a will have a finite of time together with your kids while, hopefully, you will spend the rest of your days with your spouse.

Someday, the kids will leave you, and you will only be sad, that you did not spend more time with them when they were small.

I will reiterate, what I already wrote before.

You will always be able to spend a weekend together with your spouse, especially as the kids get older, but this is the now, and the time to enjoy the kids is flying away.

Don't lose this precious time to the busy everyday life and the soul-sucking smartphones.

Go out and make some memories with your children, bring them on the family honeymoon, I am certain that you will not regret the decision of bringing them.

Places I'd Like to go on a Family Honeymoon


My girlfriend really wants to go to Thailand, and so do I. Thailand is a place we are planning to visit with our kids, sometime soon hopefully.

It looks so perfectly beautiful in pictures, and if you are going for a longer stay, Thailand has a very low cost of living.

I can't say whether I want to go to Thailand more than I want to go to Dubai, but I feel like traveling to Thailand will spark an addiction.

Everywhere I am reading about it online, it just seems that Thailand is not a place you go visit once. Which is a very great sign.

I think you will be able to get a mix of luxury and adventures, and that makes Thailand such a great travel destination


If you want to go one of the very safest places in the world, you should probably pick Dubai. I want a family honeymoon in luxury, at a great hotel, then Dubai is also a very great answer, and if you want to keep your kids entertained? Dubai.

I recently did some research about Dubai, because I really want to go, and in my research, I've found out, that by crime & safety statistics, there are only 4 cities safer than Dubai, in the entire world.

Dubai has great weather in the winter, which would make it a perfect destination for you if you are having a winter holiday. Do not go to Dubai from between April and September, especially not will kids, it will be more than 40 degrees Celcius, 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dubai is a great place for entertaining 7 to 15-year olds.

If your kids are between 7 and 15 years old, and you want to keep them entertained, then Dubai is also great with Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark, which is rated the third-best waterpark in the world.

You are also able to go skiing and go to the beach, the same day. In Ski-Dubai, you can go skiing indoors.


I know someone who lives there, and I have visited a place before where I got some insights from a local before going, this just makes a great holiday, when you already know what to expect.

Cypress is great weather, almost all year round, it is a place with some history, it is much closer to where we live, which means less travel time, it is also a quite cheap place to visit, which means you will get more value for the same budget.

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What is a babymoon holiday?

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