15 Best Stroller Travel Bag » And Here Is My Favourite!

Anytime I go out of the house with the baby, I am surprised how much stuff I need to take with me. How does a tiny person need so many items to survive a short walk? 

It is necessary to have a stroller for most outings. This got me concerned about how to take the stroller on long trips. 

In this blog post I will go over 15 great Stroller Travel Bags along with my personal favorite!

Stroller travel bags are the best way to keep your stroller or car seat safe when you travel. You need to protect your stroller from bad weather, impact, and spills. 

Things like padding and waterproof material are necessary features. Let’s check out which ones are the best. Later, I’ll get to how to choose the best one for you.

#My Favorite Stroller Bag

J.L. Childress Gate Check Bag

Its easy to use & stack makes it a great choice for traveling

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Packing and Carrying the Stroller Bag

If you go out with your baby, you are probably a pro at folding the stroller. Most parents can collapse a stroller in a matter of seconds. Packing for a trip may take a little practice, however.

  • Check the instructions on your bag to see how to insert the stroller.
  • Check to see if any parts need to come off, as well.
  • It is common to take off the wheels and food tray.
  • Make sure the bag fits a few weeks before your trip.
  • This way you can exchange it, if necessary.

Before You Fly with a Stroller Bag

Get a bag that certified for air travel if you fly often. This way you only need to purchase one for all travel purposes. Some are specifically for marked for gate check-in. This is a big help if you need to use the stroller until it is time for the flight.

Standing out in the Crowd

It is no fun to search for your baggage in a big crowded airport with a fussy baby. A bag with a touch of color can help. Many bags are black with brightly colored straps, while others are bright all over.

You can find stroller bags in bright orange, red, and even a nice blue. A bright ID tag is also helpful. Get creative, so yours looks a little different from all the others.

TIP: You can add some color to your bag by placing some colorful fabric over the straps.

Your Stroller

You need to make sure your stroller bag is compatible with your stroller. You may need an extra-large size for some double strollers. If your stroller is a side-by-side tandem stroller, the shape is much different, requiring a specialty bag.

Most strollers come apart for travel; however, find out about your wheels before shopping. Some bags only fit strollers with the wheels taken off.

If your stroller has a lot of accessories, a bag with extra storage pockets or a little extra room can help. Many popular stroller brands make compatible travel bags, as well.

Stroller bags are incredibly important for travel. They keep your baby’s things clean, help your stroller resist impacts from other luggage items in the cargo area.

Do a little research and make sure the bag you choose fits your type of stroller and, if flying, that the type of bag you’ve chosen will clear the gate.

There is a great selection of bags to choose from in a variety of price ranges. You can’t really go wrong with any of the choices below.

At the end of the list, I will share with you my favorite pick. I hope this can help!

Britax B-Agile Stroller Travel Bag

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Many parents are familiar with excellent car seats made by Britax. This stroller travel case goes the extra mile, as well. 

You can simply fold your stroller with the wheels still attached an put it in this bag. This means your stroller is ready to go as soon as you get to your destination.

You can use the shoulder strap to carry the Britax over your shoulder while maneuvering through the airport or trains station. 

This bag is best for single, smaller strollers. Otherwise, it can be a tight fit.

The nylon material of this bag is effective for keeping out dirt and dust; however, it can tear if the fit is too tight. The Britax sells for about $45 and fits compact strollers well.

GoSmart XL Stroller Travel Bag

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This travel bag is a great option if you travel often. It consists of Ballistic nylon material made by the DuPont company and can withstand a lot of abuse. 

You cannot be sure of the weight or texture of other items in the cargo hold with your stroller. You can feel confident about the strength of the goSmart bag.

This bag also boasts an extra-large size for parents that need a stroller for toddlers or siblings. Several people must handle your bag to get it to the right destination. 

It may be out in the rain, dropped in the mud, or in a dusty cargo area. The waterproof material takes care of these problems.

The bag easily folds up into a carrying pouch once you reach your destination. Simply tuck it away in your suitcase or stroller pocket until it is time to return home. 

Two straps also make it possible to carry the stroller as a backpack, and you can do a lot with the extra space.

  • Carry a double stroller
  • Store souvenirs purchased on trip
  • Pack extra items like diaper bags, diapers, and blankets

Bububee Elua XL Double Stroller Gate Check Travel Bag

Check it on Amazon

This travel bag is one of the largest ones you can find. The measurements are 24 in x 48 in x 19 in. If you have a newborn and need to take the stroller and car seat insert, this bag can hold it. Parents of multiples can get out and see the world with this stroller bag.

Airline workers know how your baggage gets from one place to the other. They see it shuffled around and piled in with a lot of other items. The person that designed the Bububee Elua is a mother an also worked at an airline.

Take your jogging stroller, double stroller, or complete stroller system in the XL model. The bright blue straps make this bag easy to spot at baggage claim, as well. There are also locks on the drawstrings and a flap that covers them after you tie the bag. 

You can also carry this bag like a backpack for a hands-free experience. 

VolkGo Stroller Bag

Check it on Amazon

Approved for check-in at the gate, the VolkGo stroller bag is a great asset to busy travelers. The bright yellow straps ensure that you can easily find your stroller. 

The size makes it easy to choose your favorite stroller for your trip. You can travel with a regular stroller for one vacation and the jogging stroller for the next.

When you get to your destination, you can carry the bag comfortably with padded straps. On both the back and sides. 

You can carry it as a backpack or over your shoulder. When your stroller is in use, the VolkGo stroller bag folds flat, and you can store it in a small space.

Compno Stroller Travel Bag

Check it on Amazon

You don’t have to worry about marking your stroller bag as fragile with the Compno. The bright red bag says fragile right on the front. 

Two drawstrings and a Velcro flap keep your stroller safe from dirt, and germs. Even the luggage tag pocket closes to protect the paper from wet weather.

Reinforced stitching on the handles helps this bag stand up too many years of use. This bag measures at 48in x 25in x 19 in, making it compatible with many double strollers. 

The bag consists of a nylon and polyester blend and lined to make it water-resistant. 

Angel Baby Stroller Travel Bag

Check it on Amazon

Even if you rarely use a stroller at home for your busy toddler, you may need something on vacation. Toddlers and young children can become exhausted during long tourist excursions. It is common to bring an umbrella stroller for young kids.

The Angel Baby stroller travel bag is on the lower end of the budget. This bag helps parents that need a simple stroller for outings. Made of double strength polyester, your umbrella stroller should arrive clean and in working order. The zipper closure and shoulder strap make this easy to both load and carry.

J.L. Childress Stroller Travel Bag

Check it on Amazon

This bag has more structure to it than most stroller travel bags. Instead of forming to your stroller, this looks more like a piece of luggage. 

It is a large, rectangular-shaped bag that you easily set your stroller into. The three-sided zip closure works well for durability and protection.

There is a pocket on the outside of the bag for the strap or other small items. This bag is versatile enough to also use for camping equipment, a child’s highchair, or beach items.

This is a smart purchase since it is both affordable and multi-purpose. 

This bag has certification for airline use, so there is no guesswork when planning your trip. Many double strollers also fit in this bag.

J.L. Childress Padded Umbrella Stroller Travel Bag

Check it on Amazon

Your umbrella stroller needs just as much protection as your large stroller system. If you are going on a long vacation, a quality umbrella stroller can save the day. 

Many tourist places rent umbrella strollers; however, your child’s own stroller is cleaner and more comfortable.

The padded lining on this stroller helps protect your investment, so you can feel better about taking an expensive stroller with you. 

The end of this bag zips all the way around, so you can fold it back to easily place the folded stroller inside.

Toddlers and young children can relax on long days out and about with their favorite stroller.

Baby Jogger City Select Carry Bag

Check it on Amazon

If you need to send your stroller through baggage check-in instead of gate check-in, it needs extra padding. 

The Baby Jogger bag matches with several City Select strollers. This is a great option if you are loyal to the brand and want a perfect fit.

You can fit a regular jogging stroller or double jogging stroller in this bag. Two of the comfortable City Select stroller seats also fit in the bag. 

The bag is very compact and easy to carry. 

TIP: Be sure to allow time to take the wheels off while your packing.

Bob Single Stroller Travel Bag

Check it on Amazon

If you have a simple single stroller, this bag can handle it. It looks like a regular suitcase, just a bit bigger. 

This bag has some extra special features for safe travel, however. There are straps inside to keep your stroller from shifting during travel.

You must take the stroller wheels off to pack, however, the bag has wheels for easy transport. 

The extra durable handle has a great surface for a solid grip, as well. This bag makes taking a stroller less stressful. The cost of this stroller bag is about $60.

LUVDBABY Premium Umbrella Stroller Bag

Check it on Amazon

This is another model that works for gate check-in at the airport. It is quite large; however, double strollers do not always fit. 

Most single strollers and umbrella strollers fit well, however. The durable polyester works well in crowded cargo areas and keeps dirt away.

The zippers cover a large space, so you have plenty of open space to set the stroller in. You can also open it up to use as a mat for your kids to sit on outside. 

Line the back of your car to keep dirt out after a long day outside, as well. 

 GOOD PRACTICE: Roll it up inside the bag when you are not using it. 

Sling this bag over your shoulder if you need to transport your stroller long-distances.

Glogex Stroller Bag for Airplane

Check it on Amazon

Since airplanes have ta lot of requirements for luggage, it is important to get items that advertise for use on airplanes. 

The Glogex complies with airline standards. The advertisements say this bag is for strollers. However, it carries car seats and boosters well.

The bright blue color makes the bag stand out so you can find it quickly. Tie the drawstrings at both ends and secure with a strap. 

This ensures your stroller stays in place. Wear the bag like a backpack to keep your hands free. 

Emmzoe Premium Umbrella Stroller Bag

Check it on Amazon

Umbrella strollers are smaller and easy to carry on long trips. Even if you aren’t going out of town, an umbrella stroller bag helps ease daily outings. 

Toddlers enjoy walking around and learning about new things, yet they eventually get tired.

This stroller bag makes it easy to carry your stroller on vacation, yet you can also use on a day out to the mall or beach. 

The material resists ripping and keeps outside contaminants off your clean stroller. 

J.L. Childress Ultimate Padded Car Seat Travel Bag

Check it on Amazon

If you need a stroller bag, you may also need a car seat bag. Some parents hold their babies on the flight, while others pay for an extra seat. If you plan to put your car seat in with baggage, you must protect it properly.

Experts recommend that parents replace their car seat if there is a car wreck or other damage. Every impact can lessen the safety of your car seat. 

The J.L. Childress car seat bag boasts proper padding and a snug fit for your car seat.

You can wipe the bag with a wet cloth if you like, as well. Wear your J.L. Childress bag as a backpack with the ergonomic straps. 

These keep you comfortable and help keep your car seat away from other items while walking. 

Angel Baby Car Seat Travel Bag for Air Travel

Check it on Amazon

Even if you are traveling by car or train, it is helpful to get a bag certified for airlines. This way, you do not need to purchase another bag if you take a flight later. The Angel Baby car seat bag is bright red with the words fragile on it, just like the stroller bag.

This bag consists of durable material and is water-resistant. The design helps airline staff recognize the item should need special care. 

This bag works best for light travel, as it keeps out dirt and germs; however, it lacks padding.

If you need an affordable cover to simply keep the dirt out, this is a great option. For $20 you can easily keep your car seat clean on a trip or while stored at home.

My Favorite Stroller Bag

The J.L. Childress (Amazon link) travel bag is my fave. The structure of it puts it over the top. It is easy to load and sits easily into a stack of luggage or on floor while keeping the stroller in the right position. It gives the impression you are placing the stroller in a protective box instead of a bag.

Now that you know a stroller travel bag can keep your stroller safe, it is important to learn how they work. 

There are many features to consider when choosing your stroller bag. Since you may use different transportation options over time, find one that is versatile and easy to use.

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