Ship Items For Your Baby Directly To Your Hotel! Learn How!

The worst has happened: you’re on a family vacation, your baby has lost her favorite pacifier, and you have no idea how to ship a replacement to your hotel. 

She’s screaming and crying for it, and you’re about to join her. Well, right before you do, read this first.

How can you ship baby items to a hotel? Use the exact name you registered with at the hotel, and write c/o for “care of” followed by the hotel’s name, the hotel’s address, and alert the hotel that you’re waiting on a package so they can sign for it.

What happens after that depends on the hotel. Most will simply call up to your room to alert you that the package has arrived, while others will actually bring it up to you.

So, Can You Ship (Baby) Items to a Hotel?

The easy answer is yes, in most places you can have any item shipped to a hotel.

All you need to know is the hotel’s address, city, state, and zip code. 

When filling out the order, use your name as you’re registered in the hotel, ‘c/o’ to mean ‘care of,’ the hotel’s name, and then for the address, use the hotel followed by room number. 

Make sure to tell the hotel you’re expecting a package, as they can be on the lookout for it.

But what’s the more detailed parts of it? Does every delivery service deliver to hotels or will some refuse? How do you get your package from the hotel? We’ve got all the answers for you.

How to Ship Baby Items to a Hotel: The Play-by-Play

Your family is on vacation. It’s a big, loud, chaotic mess and it’s the most fun your kids have had in a while. 

Everyone’s having a great time until suddenly, the pacifier is gone. Quickly, your baby’s fun vacation is a nightmare, and so is yours and your family’s.

You still have that exact pacifier sitting in your Amazon history and the “One-Day Shipping!” button makes you sigh in relief. But wait. 

You aren’t home, so how will it get delivered to you?

NOTE: Make sure the name listed on the package is exactly the name of whoever is registered with the hotel for the room. 

To ensure the shipping company will give it to the hotel, write c/o the hotel’s name. 

A quick Google search can give you the address of the hotel you’re staying at, but include your room number like you would an apartment.


John Doe c/o Grandsview Hotel

123 Marion Avenue Room #402

New Brunswick, RI, 82918

Now, all you have to do is call down to the front desk and tell them that you’re expecting a package. They can make a note of it and when your package is delivered, set it aside for you.

Which Delivery Services Do It Regularly

Everyone has their preferred delivery service for a variety of reasons. If you need to order something online to be delivered to your hotel, like a replacement of something, you’re stuck with whatever service they have. 

But what if you need something shipped to you from home?

Maybe you forgot your baby’s special outfit for your cousin’s wedding. Maybe the left shoe to your son’s sneakers fell out of his bag, and now he’s celebrating his luck at being able to only wear one shoe. 

Either way, there’s something at home you need, and your house sitter has agreed to ship it to you.

In the US FedEx and UPS are generally where you want to go. The United States Postal System is cheaper, but because it’s a federal service instead of a corporation, the service may not be as good as with FedEx and UPS. 

They’re also more accustom to handling specialized needs like this.

If you are a resident in European countries you may or may not be able to do the same as the US citizens, but most countries do have the ability for personal parcel deliver cross country. 

Simple use your national equivalent of FedEx or UPS(Some European countries even have those same options). 

Do some research and figure out the best, and cheapest way to get your stuff shipped.

How to Retrieve Your Package from the Hotel

In most cases, they will call up to your room and tell you that it’s arrived and is ready for you to go get it. You’ll just have to go downstairs, maybe show either your room key or some kind of identification, and take your package from the front desk.

What about in the high-class hotels? In those cases, they may actually bring it up for you. 

If the hotel is super busy, understaffed, or on the budget friendly side, don’t expect this kind of treatment. 

Most will still call you to come and retrieve it, but if your package says delivered on the app, don’t be afraid to go and check in on it.

Some hotels that frequently hold conferences will have a designated space for items shipped to guests. This is because the conference will have materials shipped in and it’s common enough for the hotel to need a separate space where the packages are safe.

Will Hotels Charge to have a Package Shipped to Them?

The next question is, will it cost you extra? The hotel normally won’t charge you any more to simply receive a package than it already is for you to stay there. 

If someone brings it up to you, it may be expected to tip them (mostly in the US though), just as if they brought up room service. 

If you go down to retrieve it, you won’t need to worry about any payment.

Some hotels will charge you, however. Be careful ordering heavy items. 

If the package is deemed heavy enough, they may charge you a fee for bringing that up to your room. Even then, it should still only be an extra $5-$10.

The delivery service may be a different story. For instance, if you’re on an international vacation, international shipping fees will still apply.

If you order a very heavy package, their terms may be different and an extra fee may apply, just as if you were at home ordering.

Can You Ship Baby Items to a Hotel Ahead of Arrival?

Now that you know exactly how easy it is to ship things to hotel rooms, what else could you do?

Well, if you’re like my mom and hate to travel with luggage, don’t pack a single suitcase. If you have what seems like a million baby supplies to shove into a suitcase, don’t try. Ship it!

If your airline doesn’t accept checked baggage without laying another fee on your bill, you can go ahead and ship your possessions to the hotel before you. 

This allows you to skip the wait for baggage and you don’t have to worry about the airline losing your luggage.

Make sure that you alert the hotel before your shipment arrives in their lobby. That way, they can store it safely in the back for you. 

Some hotels that frequently have people staying for conferences may even have an area specially dedicated for the belongings guests send ahead.

What Not to Ship to a Hotel

There are certain things that you really should not have sent to your hotel. 

Some of these include:

  • Anything extremely heavy or bulky
  • Anything you don’t need while you’re at the hotel
  • Anything perishable
  • Any kind of restricted substance
  • Any kind of firearm
  • Any kind of explosive
  • Anything else illegal

If you absolutely must receive something that will be extremely heavy or bulky, make prior arrangements with the hotel. 

They need to know ahead of time, so they have someone available who is able to move heavy objects or have space for large packages.

If you must order anything perishable, warn the hotel, so they know how to handle it. If you need to receive anything that is restricted by the government such as tobacco or alcoholic products, the hotel may refuse or require that you be present to receive it yourself. 

This is commonly done for parties held at hotels where the alcohol is shipped in.

If you don’t need it at the hotel, don’t ship it there. Wait until you arrive at your final destination or go home to receive it. If you must order it immediately, consider having it sent to a friend at home or to your final destination. Do not ship anything to a hotel that is illegal in that country.

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