Rhodes Or Corfu, Which Is Better For Families?

Traveling to Greece for a couple of weeks sounds like the perfect way to have fun and relax with your family. 

Choosing which island, you should visit, whether it be Rhodes or Corfu, isn’t as simple as it sounds. 

You want to make the best choice for your family so that everyone has the best time.

Which is better for families – Rhodes or Corfu? You can plan a family-friendly vacation, either island. Rhodes is perfect for taking care of your family’s needs within one small area for maximum relaxation, while Corfu is well-suited to families who don’t mind more adventure and exploration with their downtime.

With a little planning ahead, you can find family fun on Rhodes and Corfu. 

I’ve done the research for you to make planning easy! Continue reading below to learn more about each island and what they can each offer your family during your stay.

Is Rhodes or Corfu Better for Families?

Greece is a wonderful location for family vacations. Its beautiful beaches, delicious food, and cultural sites make it an ideal place to visit for people of all ages. 

Once you settle on Greece for your vacation, it can be tough to decide on an island to book your vacation on.

Rhodes and Corfu are two incredibly popular choices for families trying to get away for a while. They both feature the beauty that you would expect from Greece, with all sorts of things for you and your family to enjoy.

You can’t go wrong with your choice, but one of the islands might be better for your family depending on how you like to vacation. 

Rhodes and Corfu both offer luxury and relaxation. Read below to explore each option so you can see which island caters more to your family’s needs.

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Family-Friendly Rhodes

If you’re looking for the ultimate relaxation, Rhodes may just be the place for your family vacation. The island has several large, luxurious resorts and hotels that make it easy for you to jump off the plane and straight into relaxation.

On Rhodes, you can purchase an all-inclusive package at a hotel that offers large family rooms and all the accommodations you could ever dream of. 

You can reach the beach, kid’s clubs, and so much more without having to make an adventure of traveling far from your bed.

Hotels aren’t the only thing you can find on Rhodes. You can also find family-sized apartments to rent for your vacation. With a home base near the many beaches of this island, you and your kids will have a comfortable little home for the duration of your stay. 

This way, you can be self-sufficient while still enjoying all the fun Rhodes has to offer.

The beaches on Rhodes are big and attractive, though they can get crowded in the busy seasons. 

Since it’s a bigger island, there is a lot to explore and so many beaches to visit that you’re sure to find one with plenty of space to stretch out. The shallow waters of many of the beaches make them extremely kid-friendly.

Because it’s history-rich Greece, you won’t have to travel far to find stunning architectural sites. 

Rhodes town is the perfect place to take in the sites of the medieval period. The older part of the town is full of preserved ruins for a wonderful day of exploration.

Other Fun Things to Do in Rhodes:

  • Faliraki Waterpark
  • The Valley of the Butterflies
  • Marine Aquarium
  • The Village of Lindos

Family-Friendly Corfu

Corfu is a great place for your family to take some time off. As one of the most popular islands for tourists in Greece, it is a year-round oasis for anyone wanting to getaway.

Corfu’s lush green groves, quaint villages, and sandy beaches offer every family something that appeals to them.

There are plenty of resorts and hotels for families to choose from that are close enough to the beach to walk. If hotels aren’t your thing, you can always rent a small villa for all of you to hide away in when you’re too tired to go exploring.

The beaches on Corfu are beautiful and feature calm, shallow waters suitable for children of all ages. You will find several that are close to most of the resorts around the island, and many of them have free transportation to and from the beach.

For the historical side of things, you can wander into Corfu Town to take in the traditional buildings and travel down the narrow alleyways. You can book a walking tour that will lead you through the beautiful sites that will teach you and your children a little bit more about the past.

Other Fun Things to Do in Corfu:

  • Aqualand Waterpark
  • Trailriders Scenic Horse Trek
  • Corfu Aquarium
  • Glass-Bottomed Boat Tours

9 Facts About Rhodes

1. Rhodes is the capital of the Dodecanese Islands 

It’s also the largest of the islands, measuring just over 540 square miles. The next most popular of the Dodecanese Islands is Kos, which only boasts 112 square miles.

2. Tourism accounts for around 75% of the economy on Rhodes

It is the second most visited island in Greece. The island supplements the prosperity of tourism with the production of grain, wine, and fruits.

3. The Valley of the Butterflies 

Us inhabited by over one million species of butterflies. It is the only natural forest of Oriental Sweetgum trees in Europe. The smell of the trees attracts the butterflies in the final stages of their lives to rest and reproduce.

4. Rhodes has been inhabited by people since the Stone Age. 

There has been evidence of this Neolithic civilization found at the site of Trianda on the northwest coast of the island.

5. Over 115,000 people live on the island of Rhodes. 

More than 50,000 of those people live in Rhodes Town alone. The next biggest town, Ialysos, has a population of around 11,000.

6. The village of Lindos features an Acropolis that comes only second in visitors to the Athens Acropolis. 

The Acropolis of Lindos is more than 2,300 years old.

7. The Colossus of Rhodes is one of the Seven Wonders of the World – and it once stood on the island. 

This wonder was a statue of the sun-god Helios. The Colossus is said to have been 108 feet tall, about the same height as the Statue of Liberty. It fell during an earthquake in 226 BC.

8. If you were to drive a car around the entire coast of Rhodes, it would only take you about two hours. 

The island is shaped like a spearhead and is touched by both the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas.

9. The symbol of Rhodes is a deer. 

This is due to a rare deer called the fallow deer, or dama, dama, that live protected in the island’s forest. It is genetically distinct from populations of fallow deer around the world.

9 Facts About Corfu

1. There are Around 115 Beaches Located on Corfu. 

Some of the best beaches found in Corfu are Faliraki Beach, Dassia Bay, and Sidari Beach.

2. The First Academic Institution of Modern Times Established in Greece is Located in Corfu. 

The Ionian Academy opened in 1824 and then closed in 1864 to support the new University of Athens.

3. The island of Corfu has an Incredible Number of Churches to Visit. 

The most popular is the church of Saint Spyridon, located in the older section of Corfu Town. It features an enormous bell tower that stands tall over the rest of the city.

4. There are a vast number of olive trees on Corfu. 

Planted by the Venetians to keep from running out of olive oil, some of the trees on the island are nearly 500 years old.

5. Corfu is the hub in Greece for the game of cricket. 

Introduced to the island during British occupation in the 1800s, Corfu now hosts 11 cricket clubs

6. The landing strip at the airport in Corfu is incredibly close to the sea. 

It also sits only 100 meters from the highway. It’s hard not to feel like the planes landing there might fall right into the sea.

7. The face of a nun can be seen in the cliffs at Ermones Bay. 

According to legend, she was turned to stone so that she could only be admired from afar after pirates tried to kidnap her.

8. Corfu is also called Kerkyra. 

In Greek mythology, Kerkyra was a nymph who Zeus fell in love with and spirited away to the island.

9. Known as one of the greatest waterparks in Europe, Aqualand has a total area of 75,000 square meters (about 47 square miles). 

It is filled with games, attractions, and rides for everyone to enjoy. There are even places to relax in the shade.

The Greek Islands Offer Tons of Family-Friendly Vacation Fun

Greece is undoubtedly a popular place for that long-awaited getaway. Taking your family somewhere that they all enjoy can be difficult, especially when there are so many places to choose from. These picturesque islands are no different.

Which is better for a family vacation – Rhodes or Corfu? They are both perfectly suited for your family to visit. If you are more attracted by accessibility and a strong tourist focus, Rhodes is the place for your vacation. If something a little more reserved is your cup of tea, you might be better off booking your flight to Corfu.

Whichever island you end up choosing, your family is bound to have a fantastic time. When it comes to crystal clear waters, fun things to do, and all that amazing history, it’s hard to go wrong on either island.

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