Is Prague Worth Visiting? An Honest Review Of Prague!

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I just came home from Prague, Czech Republic a few days before I wrote this blog post. So this is an honest review of visiting Prague, from an ordinary person.

I went to Prague on a two-day trip, but I got to see a lot of things. In this blog post, I will cover some of the questions you might have before visiting Prague.

Is Prague Worth Visiting? If you like old buildings and castles, then Prague is a great European destination. The town is beautiful and scenic but at the same time very crowded with tourists. There is much to see and much to do in Prague, both kids and parents can be entertained.

Read on, as I get into a more detailed explanation of what I did in Prague, and read the information I have gathered around Prague.

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So, Is Prague Worth Visiting?

In my opinion, it is, but it requires some more info. Are you flying in from the other side of the planet? Then I will warn you that it is crowded.

But that did not seem to be a problem for the thousands of Asian tourists we saw. In my video below, you can see a montage of my visit to Prague. If you look for it, you will be able to see just how crowded some of the tourist attractions are.

Especially the Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge. That is just too many people on the same spot, at the same time for a small-city guy like me.

How many days should you spend in Prague?

I was in Prague for 1 full day and one evening. And I got to see all of the things you will see on my list further down. I did not take a boat trip, and I did not go to the Petrin Hill outpost, but everything else I saw.

In my video, at the top of this post, you can also see, that I went for a shooting range as well. So you can see much of Prague in a few days.

We walked more than 23,000 steps according to the iPhone step-counter, that might be terribly wrong. So if you want to see Prague in another pace, then you might need a day or two extra.

My recommendation is a prolonged weekend. (Between 2 and 4 days)

I would say that 2-3 full days in Prague is fine. You might want 4 Days if you have a lot of traveling to do.

As for going as a family, I would say that you could do that, there is a lot of fun activities for kids. But as both my girlfriend and I have been to Prague on separate trips, we don't see any value in going one more time and bringing the kids.

My thought is, that you don't get to relax much, if you bring kids, because there is A LOT of people in Prague, and the fear of losing my child in a foreign country, would make me exhaustingly vigilant.

7 Things to do in Prague with kids

#1 Visit The Gigantic Toy Store (Hamleys)

#2 Take a Open Car Ride

#3 Go to the Gallery of Steel Figures

#4 Stay Away from the Most Crowded Areas

#6 Maybe Petrin Hill for Great Outlook

#7 Take a Boat Trip

What is Prague famous for?

#1 Charles Bridge

#2 St. Vitus Cathedral (Prague Castle)

#3 Prague Old Town Square

#4 Astronomical Clock

#5 Pick Pockets

#7 The Gothic Church of Our Lady before Týn

#8 Powder Tower (Prašná brána)

Is Prague Expensive?

I was actually expecting Prague to be a lot cheaper than it was. I think the vast amount of tourists have jacked up the prices in the City.

But it is still far less expensive than my home country: Denmark. You can read all about the prices and how expensive Denmark is, in this blog post.

Image Credits: Private Photos from Vacations

How much is it for a beer in Prague?

This is not the definitive guide, but I went to Prague, to drink beer, so we did do some research before visiting, and we did do some testing our selves.

Where is the cheapest beer in Prague?

We found that the cheapest beers are at the "Pivovars" which I think is breweries. We found a boat, which was also a Brewery, where beers where only 39 CZK (1,5 Euro) (1,75 dollars). And we really enjoyed that boat, because it was a 5-minute walk away from all the other tourists.

Is Prague cheap for beer?

Yes, in my opinion it is. And the fact that the beer in Prague is just so good, makes it even better. The prices we found ranged from 40-90 CZK for 0.5 liters or "a pint". (up to 4 dollars)(up to 3,5 euros)

How many tourists visit Prague?

According to the official Wikipedia page of Prague, there are almost 8.5 million people visiting Prague each year. Source:

A reason could be that the city is so old and suffered much less damage during the second world war than almost any other cities close by.

Is Prague overrun with tourists?

It is hard to define if a City is overrun by tourists. But I have never been to a place, more crowded with tourists than Prague. I visited Prague in late June, and there were just too many people for my taste.

Is Prague crowded in June?

I have just been to Prague in June 2019, and in my opinion, the city is very crowded. It is a very popular tourist destination, and very cheap to get to Prague from most of Europe, which makes it a popular destination.

Are Praha and Prague the same?

Praha and Prague are the same. I am 100% certain that Praha is Prague in the local language since it is written on every sign going in and out of the city. So if read something online about Praha in the Czech Republic. It is the same place.

How densely populated is Prague?

According to worldpopulationreview, there are approximately 1.3 million people residing in Prague, which amounts to about 350 people per square mile (135 per square kilometer). But you have to keep in mind that there are about 8 million tourists visiting Prague, each year.

How Big is Prague?

According to Wikipedia the city area is about 496 km2 (192 square miles), and the inner urban city is 298 km2 (115 square miles)

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