10 Best Places To Visit In India With Babies

Every parent knows that traveling with a baby is an entirely different experience – even more so when traveling abroad. 

You have to pack the extra stuff, plan the littlest details, and double-check each place that you visit to make sure it is baby-friendly. 

Not every city is going to offer changing tables or nursing rooms. It just depends on how developed the area is.

The top 10 places to visit in India with babies are:

  1. Jaipur
  2. Jodphur
  3. New Delhi
  4. Goa
  5. Udaipur
  6. Darjeeling
  7. Chennai
  8. Kashmir
  9. Ooty
  10. Mussoorie

India has tons of cities, but not all of them are developed, and rural areas are much less accommodating. 

Therefore, you need to plan out where you visit beforehand to prevent getting stuck in a sticky situation. 

That’s why we’ve created a list of the top 10 places in India to visit with babies – making travel plans that much easier on parents!


Jaipur is the home of the royal family and is the heart of Rajasthan. It is a historic destination that contains the royal family residence, massive shopping destinations, Hawa Mahal, and other monuments.

With new development comes modern amenities like fancy feeding rooms in malls. 

The city is known for being both a place of antique beauty and sleek modern design, making it a fairytale destination spot.

There are also plenty of stroller-friendly places to visit while in Jaipur if you don’t want to carry your baby the entire time.

  • The Jaipur Zoo is home to many interesting animals, specifically their beautiful elephants.
  • The City Palace is there, which is a museum and art gallery and has a sound and light show for you to enjoy.

TIP: Take some time to shop around their shopping centers. They have wooden toys that infants will enjoy and can play with for years to come.


Known as “The Blue City” of India, Jodphur is an amazing sight and destination to visit. The city gets its nickname from the fact that most of its buildings are painted a vibrant blue! Not only is the city – and its people – colorful and bright, the weather stays amazing year-round.

As Jodphur is a popular city to visit, they have affordable hotels, and most offer a crib to mothers visiting with babies. 

You can also find a room with a small fridge, which nursing moms will find useful to have.

  • Tour the Mehrangarh Fort. This is one of the first things you’re going to want to do is. Not only is the fort massive, but it contains plenty of interesting sights and facts. There are elephant carriages and the walls where the handprint of the wives of the Maharaja where placed.

NOTE: With such a large city, it can take days to wander around and catch all the sights. 

As you walk through, you should stop by the Sadar market near the clock tower to find handmade goods!

New Delhi

New Delhi has the story of historic land and the elegance of a modern monument. The city pulses with energy and remains busy throughout the day.

The best part about New Delhi is the flat land! The city still has a few ups and downs, but the area is mainly flat making it one of the best cities to push around a stroller all day. 

With all the restaurants along the streets, it is easy to find a place to stop and feed your baby or take a break from the sun.

New Delhi has plenty of activities that you can enjoy while still bringing along your infant:

  • Nehru Planetarium, within the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, is fun and interesting. You can learn about space while giving your little one plenty of stimulating visuals for them to follow.
  • New Delhi Children’s Museum and Aquarium has tons of interactive activities for them to learn from and enjoy.


It may not seem like it at first glance, but Goa is a perfect family destination. It offers many five-star resorts to stay at and enjoy pools and beach access.

Enjoying India from a resort is a good choice for those who do not want to worry about food or privacy with their little ones. 

You’ll always be able to find an accommodating area to feed, change, and soothe your baby.

There are still plenty of opportunities to travel around the city and visit different local attractions. The area has:

  • A local petting zoo
  • Splashdown Water Park
  • Dolphin spotting
  • Butterfly sanctuary


It is hard to find a place that allows you to connect with your significant other while still providing plenty of entertainment for your little one, but Udaipur manages to do just that. Between rose gardens and a lakeside palace, the views will set the tone for an amazing trip.

The area is great for strollers but depending on the day’s activities and where you’re planning on going, you might want to use a carrier. 

There are places where there are more stairs than sidewalks and strollers are unnecessary extra weight to carry.

  • Visit the jungle safari at Sajjangarh wildlife sanctuary.
  • The Gulab Bagh is a large rose garden with a small zoo to enjoy.
  • The Saheliyon ki Bari is a great area for a late afternoon stroll.


Darjeeling is popular due to its beautiful scenery and is considered to be a favorite summer vacation destination. As such, most of the activities in Darjeeling are outdoors.

With most of the activities remaining outdoors, walking with an infant strapped to your chest or back can be tiring. 

If you’re not accustomed to carrying them for long periods of time, Darjeeling may not be for you (or you just need some extra practice).

Darjeeling has tons of places to visit and things to do, but the top two are the train ride through the mountains and the zoo. 

If you visit the zoo, you’ll get to see Siberian tigers, red pandas, snow leopards, and more.


Chennai is an urban village that is always improving and becoming more glamorous and luxurious each day. The city is filled to the brim with museums, restaurants, cafes, and culture.

As an urban area, Chennai offers special accommodations for parents and babies. They have specific play areas for young babies and quiet rooms to put your little ones to sleep.

The people of Chennai have managed to hold on to and preserve their customs and traditions, creating an authentic and unique experience for visitors.

You’ll want to make sure you visit the Guindy children park and Vandaloor zoo, where you can spot both local and exotic animals.


The scenic spot with incomparable culture and priceless nature, Kashmir, is the outdoor adventure to experience. 

Not only is the town beautiful, but the valleys, monasteries, and mountains send it over the top.

This is another area where you may want to invest in a carrier rather than a stroller. The ups and downs and rough terrain may make the stroller more difficult to maneuver.

While visiting Kashmir you should visit Leh, Kupwara, and Pulwama. Each place has a unique scenery that will take your breath away.

This is also a great spot to introduce your little ones to snow. The mountains allow for a lot of fun snow activities and play areas.


Secluded within the hills of India, Ooty is the perfect place to hide from the rest of the world. The land is above the hills and sits within the clouds, creating a dreamy travel destination even from afar.

Since Ooty is further away from the urbanized areas of India, it offers less convenience and ease. In exchange, most rural areas are more accepting of caring for babies in public places – both with changing and feeding.

Ooty is the place where you walk, observe, and enjoy a very relaxing vacation. You’ll want to visit the Government botanical garden, Government rose garden, and the Government museum. Between the three, you’ll be able to experience a little bit of everything.


Sitting in a valley, Mussoorie is filled with natural beauty and cliche vacation activities. It is one of the best family vacation spots in India, especially for families with babies.

Although the city is rural and not overly urbanized, it still offers up a good number of amenities for mothers of babies. You’ll be able to find good spots for feedings and areas to take quick breaks.

The must-visit spot is definitely the Jawahar aquarium where you can spot sharks and other exotic fish. You’ll also want to visit the beautiful Kempty Falls and enjoy some water activities with your little one.

Things to Know about Bringing a Baby to India

Although babies are loved in India, there are different standards and rules that you must adhere to when visiting there. 

NOTE: Breastfeeding is not protected, and you may be asked to leave a public space even if you’re covered. 

Travel will also be different. You’ll want to try and fly between destinations rather than drive as the roads are long and uncomfortable without many stops.

You will most likely attract a lot of attention from the locals, especially if your baby is in full view. This will typically only happen in rural areas that are not often visited by tourists. Cities dwellers will not take much notice.

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