Are The Maldives Family Friendly?

I love traveling abroad with my family whenever we get the chance, but we love to go to places off the beaten track, and the Maldives have always seemed interesting. 

But are the Maldives family-friendly? I found out by doing some research and talking to friends that have been there. 

I also took a look at the Maldives government travel and tourism website to get some ideas about family-friendly vacation spots.

So, are the Maldives family-friendly? Yes, the Maldives are definitely family-friendly and a great place to visit if you want to have a great time with your kids away from the distractions of tech-focused activities. Unlike a lot of other places, the Maldives don’t have massive, touristy amusement parks and water parks, but there is plenty to do to keep your family happily occupied.

There are lots of opportunities for family fun in the Maldives, especially if you love being in the water. 

Indulge in water sports like jet skiing and paragliding or explore the pristine reef ecosystem of the islands by snorkeling or scuba diving. 

Spend your days relaxing by the beach while your kids play in the surf or go deep-sea fishing in the sheltered lagoons that surround the islands. The options are endless!

The Maldives – A Quick Primer

The Maldives is a South Asian island chain, comprised of over 1000 islands spread out over 26 atolls (ring-shaped coral reefs), and lie to the southwest of India and Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean. 

The Maldives are a fascinating place to visit, primarily due to their unique geography.

The lowest-lying country in the world, the Maldives straddle the top of a vast underwater mountain range and are home to several coral reefs. 

Most of the islands that comprise the Maldives are actually uninhabited, with the majority of the population living on only 200 of the 1000 plus islands in the archipelagic country.

The country’s only international airport is in Malé. While some of the atolls do have over-reef roads connecting the islands, the vast majority of the islands in the Maldives are only accessible by plane or boat.

Where Should You Stay in the Maldives?

Your trip to the Maldives will most likely start in the capital city of Malé, which is where most of the country’s inhabitants live. 

There are lots of great family-friendly resorts there to choose from, many of which have highly rated kids’ clubs that offer activities like arts and crafts, beach wide treasure hunts, and water sports.

You can also head to one of the luxurious resort islands, many of which cater to families and offer all-inclusive packages. 

These types of resorts are an excellent option when you’re traveling with kids, especially because many of them include kids’ club activities as well as babysitting for younger kids in their packages.

Below you will find the top five family-friendly resorts in the Maldives. Keep in mind that you’ll have to take an air taxi, domestic flight, or charter boat from Malé to get to these resorts, so make sure to calculate in those transportation costs when you’re planning your trip.

Jumeirah Vittaveli

The Jumeirah Vittaveli resort is one of the best options for families traveling with small children. 

The Jumeriah is one of the most accessible luxury resorts in the Maldives, given that it’s located on a resort island that’s only 20 minutes away from Malé by boat. 

The trip to the resort is a fun little adventure in itself, and once you get there, you’ll find a lot of fun amenities for your kids.

Stay in your own private ocean villa or rent a suite on the main island. Each villa comes with a private swimming pool that overlooks the sheltered coral lagoons surrounding the island. 

Kids can enjoy the outdoor playground or join the resort’s kids’ club, which offers dedicated babysitting for little kids and a range of water sports and activities like dolphin scouting for older kids.

Niyama Private Island Maldives

The Niyama resort is one of the larger resort islands in the Maldives and is made up of two islands, one catering to couples and the other to families with children. 

Book a villa on the Isle of Play, where you can choose from a beachside villa or one that sits on stilts directly over the ocean.

Enjoy a romantic date with your partner while your kids enjoy the Explorers Kids Club, which offers activities for kids of all ages as well as babysitting services for infants and toddlers. 

At the Explorers Club, children can choose from activities like nature exploration hikes in the surrounding jungle, water sports like jet skiing, and even snorkeling in the coral reefs.

Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru

One of the prime properties in the Four Seasons property portfolio, the Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru is geared towards families with kids of all ages.

Located in the Baa Atoll, this resort is actually situated in a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve and boasts an on-site Marine Discovery Center.

Kids can learn about the local fauna and flora by exploring the jungle ecosystem on guided nature walks. 

The Marine Discovery Center lets kids get up close and personal with the local marine life as well, including dolphins and parrotfish. 

Apart from a Kids’ Club for children aged 4 to 12, this resort also provides activities geared for older kids, centered around watersports.

Six Senses Laamu

The Six Senses Laamu is located pretty far from Malé – you’ll need to take an air taxi as well as an ocean taxi to get there, which is a bit daunting when you’re traveling with kids, but it’s well worth the journey! Once you get there, you’ll be treated to stunning views of the Indian Ocean as well as the protected coral reef that surrounds this small island.

If you and your kids like to surf, this is definitely the resort for you! Laamu is home to Yin Yang beach, which is famous for its surfing. 

They do have a limited Kids’ Club which offers babysitting services and some activities, but the coral reef garden more than makes up for that. There’s even a dedicated marine biologist at the resort who gives guided tours of the coral garden.

Soneva Fushi

Admittedly one of the more expensive resorts on this list, the Soneva Fushi is consistently rated as the best family-friendly resort in the Maldives by travel sites and tourists alike. 

Also located in the Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere site, the Soneva Fushi led the way in eco-friendly resort island tourism in the Maldives.

Unlike most other resorts in the Maldives which offer a choice of ocean or beach villas, the Soneva Fushi’s luxury villas are all located in the thick jungle that cloaks most of the island. 

These unique tree house style villas offer stunning views of the coral lagoon that rings the island, and many have private swimming pools as well.

The biggest selling point of this resort is its incredible Kids’ Club, called The Den. 

It’s the largest Kids’ Club facility in the Maldives and houses a large movie theater, as well as a huge water park featuring water slides that lead directly into the ocean. 

There’s also an eco-pod where kids can learn about the local marine life and ecology while you enjoy some quiet adult time.

Three Tips to Make Your Stay in the Maldives More Kid Friendly

The Maldives are a great place to visit with your family, but there are certain things you need to keep in mind to make sure that your trip goes smoothly.

Keep the Travel Time to a Minimum

Due to its unique topography, the Maldives can be a bit challenging when it comes to making your way around. 

If you’re traveling with very young children, it might be best to pick a resort that’s as close as possible to Malé. 

Also, make sure that you organize your plane or boat ride to the resort ahead of time, so you’re not waiting at the Malé airport for hours with tired kids.

Choose Your Resort with Your Kids

Get your kids involved in the decision making when you’re planning your Maldives vacation. 

Each resort has different options when it comes to children’s activities, so it might be best to let your kids pick which resort seems most exciting to them. 

That way you can make sure that your kids will have a great time in the Maldives, instead of being stuck on an island with little to do.

Take Your Supplies with You

It’s really important to pack all the childcare supplies you’ll need when you’re traveling to the Maldives. 

Most of the resorts have on-site gift shops, but you won’t be able to find essentials like diapers, baby wipes, or medications. 

You can find items like this in Malé, but most of the resorts sit on secluded islands that don’t have grocery stores or pharmacies available.

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