Ibiza For Families? 5 Family Friendly Locations On Ibiza

Known as the ultimate party island, Ibiza is a choice location for the college crowd and those that like to let their hair down and get a little wild. 

But the entire island of Ibiza isn’t overrun by the crazy nightlife of San Antonio. 

There is plenty of separation between the part of the island that the crowd enjoys and the parts that are well suited for family fun.

Which Parts of Ibiza Are Best for Families? Ibiza boasts a multitude of attractions for families of all shapes and sizes. Here are five of the family-friendliest vacation spots in Ibiza:

  1. Santa Eulalia
  2. Es Cana
  3. Cala Llonga
  4. Cala Vadella
  5. Portinatx

The island may not have the best reputation for being a family destination, but family fun can be found! It’s all about being mindful of how and where you book your vacation. 

If you are considering taking your family to the beautiful island of Ibiza, read on to learn more about all the fun, family-friendly things you can find there.

Which Parts of Ibiza Are Best for Families?

If you’re looking for a nice, peaceful vacation for both you and your children, there are more than enough places for you to book that doesn’t fall under the ultimate party umbrella. 

Your best bet for the most family-friendly places to stay is to look to the eastern sides of the island.

Despite its being well known as a wild place to vacation it is entirely possible to have an enriching visit full of beautiful beaches and delicious food that is just as suited for children as it is for adults.

Go ahead and take a closer look at these five locations and you will see for yourself what a wonderful choice Ibiza can be for your next family vacation.

NOTE: The currency in Ibiza is the Euro (EUR), so approximate pricing is listed in Euros (€).

Santa Eulalia

Santa Eulalia des Riu is a town on Ibiza as well as a resort. In fact, it is the third-largest resort on the island. Located remarkably close to the airport, it is a fantastic place for families looking for a laid-back location to spend their holiday.

There are many family-friendly attractions located in Santa Eulalia. The town even has an initiative in place called Family Moments geared specifically toward making Ibiza an ideal location for you and your family to visit.

The Family Moments initiative is a special mark given to businesses and locations that meet certain requirements to be considered family-friendly. Restaurant’s equipped with children’s menus, places that provide childcare, and locations that offer child-specific activities are examples of what you can find included under the Family Moments seal.

Fun Things to Do:

  • Acrobosc Ibiza Adventure Park – An obstacle course featuring rope circuits for everyone ages 3 and up. Courses start at 15€
  • Tourist Train – A fun train ride that will take you on one of 4 different trips around the area. Adults: 16€ Under 12: 8€ Under 3: Free
  • Ferry to Formentera – An hour-long ferry trip featuring beautiful scenery which takes you to the smaller island of Formentera for a fun day out. Adults: 35€ Children: 18€
  • Can Muson – A farm nearby Santa Eulalia where you can take tours and children can feed the animals.
  • Walk Along the River Route – A trail that follows the only river on the island.
  • Santa Eulalia Beach – The first smoke-free beach on the island with incredibly beautiful crystal-clear waters.

Es Cana

Located fairly close to Santa Eulalia, Es Cana is a smaller resort featuring beautiful views and much fun to be had. 

There is a stunning crescent-shaped beach with calm waters perfect for children. 

There is plenty to do here for the whole family. It’s an amazing spot for that relaxing vacation you’ve all been needing.

Fun Things to Do:

  • Tourist Train – A lovely train ride through the hills and valleys of the island. There are two trips to choose from depending on if you prefer beaches or the countryside. Adults: 16€ Under 12: 8€ Under 3: Free
  • Electric Bike Tours – Choose from 4 different trips with varying difficulty and spend a few hours riding bikes with your family to take in the views. Starts at 45€
  • Punta Arabi Market – Located a short walk from the beach, featuring over 500 stalls chock full of colorful handmade items.
  • Kayak Ibiza – Take a kayak or stand up paddleboard to see sights only reached by the water. You can even snorkel in the beautiful waters! Starts at 30€

Cala Llonga

Cala Llonga is a resort actually geared toward making vacations accessible and fun for families. 

It is located around 10 minutes from Santa Eulalia, giving you the opportunity to explore even more of the fun attractions available.

The beach of Cala Llonga is the perfect place for families to relax and even features a playground and a small amusement park for children to enjoy. You will find no shortage of snacks around the beach either.

Fun Things to Do:

  • The Beach of Cala Llonga – A wide, golden expanse of beach featuring an area for child-friendly activities such as a playground and a mini amusement park with bumper cars.
  • Tourist Train – Take a fun train ride for a few hours to explore the island. There are 4 tours available to choose from. Adults: 16€ Under 12: 8€ Under 3: Free

Cala Vadella

Located on the southwestern part of the island, Cala Vadella is a small village with the main road that curves through it, giving you a beautiful view of the bay. 

The fact that the bay is so sheltered keeps the water extremely calm, which makes it a wonderful option for families with children who enjoy playing in the water.

The beach features a protected area just for swimmers so that there is no risk of them running into boats or other crafts in the water. This ensures bathers are safe at all times.

Fun Things to Do:

  • Cruise from Cala Vadella – This relaxing cruise takes a full day. It takes you past the rock of Es Vedra, includes lunch and swimming at Espalmador, and goes all the way to the island of Formentera for a bus tour. The return trip happens during the stunning sunset where you can enjoy food and drinks on the way back. 89€ 6 and Under: Free
  • Stand Up Paddle Board Tours – Take a tour of the bay of Cala Vadella and explore the caves, the rock of Es Vedra, and see a beautiful sunset. Tours vary in length and allow children as long as they are over the age of 5. Starts at 25€
  • Water Activities – Kayaking and stand up paddleboarding are a fun pastime for the calm waters. There is also a diving school available for anyone who wants to explore beneath the surface.
  • Boating – You can rent your own small boat and explore the coast.


Portinatx is the perfect resort for any family looking to get away from everything. It is located at the northernmost point of the island and is an incredibly peaceful place to spend a family vacation.

There are 3 beautiful beaches that have shallow waters for little swimmers. 

You will find no shortage of things to do that get you and your family out in the beauty of nature so you can truly enjoy your time in Ibiza.

Fun Things to Do:

  • Tour of Ibiza – A boat tour that spends a day taking you around the coastline of Ibiza. The price of the tour includes food, drinks, and entertainment. 6 and Under are Free.
  • Tourist Train – With three trips to choose from, you can take a delightful train ride from Portinatx to explore beautiful sights around Ibiza. Adults: 16€ Under 12: 8€ Under 3: Free
  • Benirras Sunday Sunset Excursion – A traditional Ibiza boat leaves Protinatx every Sunday and takes you to Banirras beach to see the stunning sunset. 15€ Under 3: Free
  • Ibiza Horse Valley – A 4-hour tour on horseback of the north of Ibiza by a charity foundation that rescues horses and gives them a second chance. Perfect for families with older kids, as the minimum age requirement is 14. 90€
  • Water Activities – The waters at Portinatx’s beaches are perfect for kayaking and stand up paddleboarding. There is also a diving school available.
  • Mini-Golf – Spend some family fun time playing on an elevated golf course with a stunning view of the sea.

Have a Ton of Family Fun in Ibiza

No matter the size or shape of your family, you will undoubtedly find the perfect relaxing and fun-filled vacation by going to Ibiza. 

The island boasts so much more than the nightlife that has become its reputation. 

There are so many things to keep you and your kids occupied while you have an unforgettable time.

If you are worried about the noise and space of a hotel, there is an abundance of villas available to rent around every single resort. 

You will feel right at home on this beautiful island without having to sacrifice valuable family time. The stunning views, sparkling waters, and incredible memories will make you glad you came.

Not enough ideas? Read our article about activities to have fun with your family while travelling and we promise you won’t ever be bored.