The 11 Best Amsterdam Hotels With Interconnecting Rooms

It is quite impossible to dislike Amsterdam. With flowers around every corner, bike riders dashing through the canal mazes, delicious food, and so much culture – it’s truly an experience unlike any other. 

If you’re a family traveling together or a group that wants connecting rooms, look no further!

11 great Amsterdam hotels with interconnecting rooms include:

  1. The Hotel Doria
  2. Park Plaza Amsterdam (Airport Location)
  3. Dikker & Thijs Hotel
  4. Eden Hotel Amsterdam
  5. NH Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
  6. Hotel Library Amsterdam
  7. Hotel Espresso
  8. Prinsenhotel
  9. Ibis Schiphol (Airport Location)
  10. The Urban Lodge Hotel
  11. The Swissôtel Amsterdam

Chosen based on having the option for Interconnecting rooms, great locations, wonderful ratings, and a diversity of charming characteristics.

We will discuss what makes these hotels the best option for your stay in Amsterdam so you can be connected with the people you love most.

And if you don’t love them but they’re the ones insisting on the connecting room – then always remember that there’s a lock on that door between you! Amsterdam will exceed all expectations whether you’re looking Let’s get to the juicy stuff.

11 Great Amsterdam Hotels with Interconnecting Rooms

Here are our top picks for places to stay in Amsterdam whether you’re looking to be in the party district, looking for a quiet time near the airport, on a large budget, on a small budget and everything in between.

All hotels on this list will include an option for connecting rooms. 

NOTE: You will need to request this beforehand and as someone who worked in hotels, it is 100% based on availability. 

If you’re traveling during busy season and others have requested all of the connecting rooms before you, there is nothing the staff can do to make more appear. Be sure to book these early and understand that it is just a request, never a guarantee.

Let’s get to it then!

The Hotel Doria

The Hotel Doria is a stunning hotel located right in the center of the action! Walking distance from the Dam square and a quick skip to the Royal Palaca, this centrally located hotel which includes 24-hour service, breakfast each morning and a TV in every room (not always to be expected in Europe as compared to U.S. stays).

Some of the perks with this option (besides the interconnecting rooms of course!) include:

  • Restaurant in the hotel called the Ristorante Doria with Italian and steak dinners.
  • Ability to pay later. You don’t have to prepay with this stay, and you can pick your room without commitment or financial obligation
  • Kids stay free! Such a lovely notion from the Netherlanders, one child per stay under the age of three will be allowed for free. They’ll also set the family up with a child’s cot or crib when requested.
  • This hotel really speaks for itself with a 9.4 rating out of 10 stars out of more than 2,000 reviews!
  • Central station is 5 minutes away. When traveling abroad, this is what you always want! To be walking distance from a metro, trust me. It’s a gamechanger.
  • Only $115 a night (prices subject to change and availability, so consider these figures an average).

Park Plaza Amsterdam (Airport Location)

This is a top-booked hotel but is not quite as fancy as our first option. There isn’t as much of a grand story with this hotel or fancy dinners, but it’s a clean and affordable choice if you’re looking for a simple stay near the airport. 

Many reviewers are seeking a convenient stay with proximity for their flight the next morning and hold it to a high value, higher than the glitz and glam. 

It’s practical and necessary for many travelers at the beginning or end of their travels. For this reason, I’ve placed the airport-hotel options high on the list.

Perks of this stay, along with interconnecting room options, include:

  • Free shuttle to and from the airport
  • Convenience above all else
  • Modern stay with television in room
  • One child per room stays for free under the age of two at this hotel
  • Reviewers mention frequently that the spa is quite nice and affordable
  • Only $95 a night for an 8.1 rating and over 200 reviewers

Dikker & Thijs Hotel

Located near the Prinsengracht canal, this is a wonderful location if you’re visiting to tour the historical aspects of Amsterdam, such as the Ann Frank House. 

Very centrally set, this hotel has a luxurious feel with a rustic wooden-enhanced charm. Think Ikea lightness mixed with modern chicness.

Some of the favorite qualities of this hotel include:

  • Most rooms have a canal view, the designer was quite intentional in this
  • Very unique feel and atmosphere being that it was built in an 18th century warehouse
  • You’ll be allowed to use a Handy Smartphone in your room during your stay with no roaming fees
  • Pay later and one child under the age of 2 for stay free
  • Nearby to the tram, always a luxury as mentioned
  • This 9.5-star hotel is more standard pricing for the heart of Amsterdam, around $200 a night.

Eden Hotel Amsterdam

You’ll feel right at home in the warm-colored rooms of the Eden Hotel. Very inviting and homey, these rooms include free WiFi and access to everything in the center of Amsterdam. 

NOTE: If location is your decision-factor, this one really has a lot to offer with Rembrandt Square being just around the block.

You can walk out the doors here and be in a lovely area worth exploring, with Central Station about 10 minutes away.

Some of the favorite part of this hotel as reviewed by its guests include:

  • A maze of halls for each room and no room being the same
  • Wonderful views overlooking the canals and charming action of central-Amsterdam
  • TVs in every room/ WiFi included
  • Restaurant in-house called the French Brasserie FLO
  • Breakfast included
  • A concierge which speaks many languages, will guide you to the best things nearby, and help you find the nearest rental bikes to explore the city as intended!
  • Pay later as with many other options
  • Also, near the airport as a bonus to its charm, this 8.3-star hotel is around $165 a night

NH Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

This one is more of a standard hotel with not a lot of extras, but its affordable and near the airport with connecting rooms, so it made our list! I won’t bore you with the details but here are the details:

  • Proximity to airport
  • Fitness center
  • Pool
  • Pets allowed
  • $165 a night for 7.5 rating

Hotel Library Amsterdam

This is a fun one I’ve been saving for you! Perhaps my favorite on the list, this is literally a hotel with a library inside! Word lovers, poetry fanatics, and thoughtful introverts can lose themselves here in Amsterdam while still being centrally located near Plantage and Canal Belt East.

What makes this hotel unique is:

  • Hand-selected library with many books rotating and being updated constantly
  • Serene stay with ambient feel
  • Truly all the other qualities of the other hotels so it’s competitive (pay late, TV, WiFi, breakfast,)
  • Located perfectly between the central part of the city and the airport, good happy medium
  • 8.7 rating for around $135 a night

Hotel Espresso

Another fabulous option for remaining close to all the museums in Amsterdam (that are worthy of the trip on their own), and with tons of amenities as well.

The reasons to select the Hotel Espresso include:

  • Tons of restaurants, cafes, and bars in this area
  • Proximity to the Museum district
  • Bike Rental service directly at the hotel for convenience
  • Historical canals like the Herengracht en Singel are only a few minutes away
  • Free WiFi/Pay later/ Discounted children standards, etc.
  • Tram literally across the street to take you to Central Station, therefore – wherever you could dream of going!
  • Known for being close to everything, the Hotel Espresso is around $125 a night for an 8.8-star stay, based on nearly 3,000 reviews! Hard to argue with that.


This is a fascinating one if you want more than just connecting rooms! Located in the Museum district, this historical hotel was built by a very famous architect named P.J.H. Cuypers. 

These rooms are huge, especially for Europe, holding up to 4 people and a private bathroom with each room (also not to always be expected in Europe. Communal is normal).

Some of the reasons to spend your holiday at the Prinsenhotel include:

  • An authentic Dutch breakfast in the morning
  • WIFI included
  • Bar in the hotel
  • Less than a 10-minute walk to the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum.
  • Terraces on each patio so you can sit out and enjoy your breakfast with a view of the city on a nice sunny day.
  • 9.1 for around $120 a night, affordable and luxurious

Ibis Schiphol (Airport Location)

Another Top picked hotel, this is a 3-star hotel with proximity to the airport. Some of the best qualities of the Ibis include:

  • Free shuttle to and from the airport
  • Fitness center included as well as breakfast until noon
  • Multiple places to eat including an international spot, burger bar, and Grand café.
  • 8.6 rating for only $104 per night
  • Pets allowed at this location
  • Another that allows you to delay payment until later

The Urban Lodge Hotel

Perhaps the most beautiful hotel I’ve ever seen at this price range, the Urban Lodge truly delivers. 

See pictures online if you don’t believe me, but with optimal location near Eramus Park and Sloterdiik Station, this hotel feels like the cozy mountain lodge in the woods with a rustic-chic twist!

The selling points for this accommodation include:

  • Proximity to museum district and heart of the city. About 2 miles from Anne Frank House.
  • Bar on-site and kettles placed in every room so you can make tea or coffee whenever you like
  • Free Wifi/TV/Private Bath/24-hour Concierge/Pay later available/Free under 2, etc. (it has it all!)
  • With an 8.6-star rating and a whopping 6,500 ratings, this one is beloved by it’s guests. See pictures to understand why.

The Swissôtel Amsterdam

I saved the best for last! Which means it’s the most expensive, so be warned, but luxury has a price. And it’s worth it. These fabulous accommodations have all the perks of the last amazing ten, and more. 

Some of the reasons to invest in a luxurious stay include:

  • Location – central to everything and about 10 minutes from Central Station
  • Bike Rentals on-site
  • Stunning soundproof rooms with free Swiss bath products
  • All rooms come with a Nespresso machine
  • Views overlooking Dam Square so you can feel the magic day and night
  • Breakfast included
  • Can schedule an in-suite massage
  • 9.6-star rating at around $400 a night

It may sound high comparatively, but this rate is truly not extraordinary for Europe considering it’s a 5-star hotel (9.6 on a ten-point scale).

The others on this list are just very affordable and budget friendly in comparison. But to give you an idea, going to a place like Rome can easily be $3-500 a night. 

So, $400 is quite reasonable for luxury in the center of downtown Amsterdam. Worth considering if you prefer excellence to ease.

Enjoy Your Stay!

You want to have privacy but also have access to your travel buddies or children. These 11 options are stunners that will have you set in cozy accommodations regardless of budget or needs!

Remember to make the requests early and keep in mind they are solely requests. But the hotel staff want you to have an amazing time. There’s a reason it’s called, ‘hospitality,’ so they will try their best to accommodate you’re every need.

Amsterdam is the kind of liberal and bohemian city that can truly make you feel at home yet lost to a new culture. As you explore the whirlwind of history and relaxation, just allow the city to sweep you off your feet and soak it all up.

Final tip – If you’re with a large group (being that you wanted interconnected rooms) be sure everyone has a meeting spot in case, you separate, and data roaming is being stubborn overseas. It’s best to have a backup plan in case of emergencies but thankfully you’ll be door to door each night.

Happy travels to you all and don’t forget to smell the tulips as you ride by on your rented bike!