Are The Greek Islands Kid-friendly?

Many families dream of traveling and experiencing other parts of the world, but it can be hard to choose the right destination if you’re not particularly familiar with the area. 

If you’re thinking about heading to Greece with the wife and kids, it’s even more challenging, considering the fact that there are over 6,000 islands in Greece. Which one is best for kids?

Are the Greek Islands Kid-Friendly? Here are the top 5 greek islands to visit for the best experiences for you and your kids:

  1. Crete – Outdoor Adventures, Aquariums, Parks, Water Parks, Historical Landmarks
  2. Rhodes – Beaches, Museums, Petting Zoo
  3. Mykonos – Windmills, Go-Karts, Yacht Rides, Open-Air Cinema
  4. Naxos – Beaches, Portara, Museums
  5. Corfu – Water Parks, Horseback Riding, Aquarium, Boat Tours

It’s not enough to simply know that Greece is a great spot for adults and kids alike. 

You need to know what islands are the best choice, what they have to offer, and what exciting things await you and your family. 

I am going to go over the top 5 islands of Greece that are kid-friendly, and what they have that put them on our list.


Crete is always going to be a top choice for anyone traveling to Greece. It is the largest island of them all and has plenty of fun activities for people of all ages. When visiting Crete, you can rest assured that there’s something you’re bound to enjoy.

When it comes to Crete, you can expect plenty of good times. With over one hundred different beaches to choose from, it’s easy to kick back and relax with your family.

Get a tan on the sandy shores while the kids hang out in the shallow, crystal clear waters and have the time of their lives. (With over 300 sunny days a year, you don’t have to worry about harsh weather conditions, either).

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Outdoor Adventures

Love to enjoy the great outdoors? Crete is perfect for experiencing all-things nature. Here you can enjoy the weather as you go hiking through one of their beautiful trails, kayak along the blue waters, or cycle your way throughout the lovely island and take it all in stride.

But it doesn’t stop there! Your family can take the opportunity to explore underground caves like the Dikteon Cave.

This is quite an amazing site for people of all ages who truly want to explore what’s going on below the surface. It’s sure to mystify the mind and the eyes!

Minoan Palace of Knossos

For the culturally-minded travelers who are more interested in the historical value of Crete, you will be happy to know that the Minoan Palace of Knossos resides here. 

While it may not seem like a top choice for families, there’s a kid-friendly tour that actually makes learning fun.


Have a child that loves aquatic life? Crete is home to Aquaworld, which is an incredibly popular aquarium that holds a fabulous and unique display of all of the local sea life. 

You will also find reptiles here from around the world.

Also consider heading over to Cretaquarium, another established and well-known aquarium with an emphasis on marine research. Educational AND fun!


Take a walk through history in Dinosauria Park. 

In this vast park, you will be able to explore the prehistoric area in a way you’ve never done before. 

Model dinosaurs, plenty of exhibits, and lots of room for exploring makes this a great option for families visiting Crete.

Water Parks

Every kid loves to take a ride on a waterslide, so they’re bound to enjoy Acqua Plus. 

This super-fun water park is great for children and adults, with some super thrilling slides available on one side for adults and a safer, less intense section for children to enjoy.

It’s an all-around good time for everyone!

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Have a little princess or mini knight who is seriously obsessed with castles? They can make their dreams become a reality in Rhodes, which is home to The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights. 

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It’s truly a blast from ancient history, offering a beautiful site that truly encompasses what an old-world castle is.

Aside from the astounding beauty of this ancient castle, children are bound to enjoy a variety of different activities in this town.

Rhodes Toy Museum

Children will love spending hours walking through this fascinating children’s museum, loaded front to back with some old-world toys that even most adults haven’t seen. 

It’s exciting to see all of the different toys throughout history. What kid doesn’t love looking at toys?

Walk Through the Medieval City

There is something truly so fascinating about walking through history, especially when it relates to the Medieval Times. 

The amount of history and fascinating sites is something that everyone should get to explore at least once in their lifetime. 

Taking a stroll through the Medieval City of Rhodes is something that is bound to entice your child.

Farma of Rhodes Petting Zoo

No child can resist a petting zoo! They are always so much fun for children (and adults) of all ages. 

The best thing about visiting a petting zoo not local to you is that you can see more diverse animals, allowing children to see different species that are roaming the world. 

It’s certainly beneficial to their education, as well as allowing for tons of fun.

Visit the Beach

You can never go wrong exploring one of the many beaches of Rhodes. These beautiful, clear blue waters are sure to bring hours of good times and enjoyment as you build sandcastles, play in the water, go snorkeling, or spend time playing in the sand.

To put it simply, Rhodes is an island where you can bring Medieval fantasies to life. 

The castle is nothing but jaw-dropping, and the variety of activities makes it a great choice for kids of all ages. Take them to the beach in the morning and schedule the rest of the day to enjoy a tour of the Medieval City; you surely won’t regret it.


Another one of the top choices and most popular islands in Greece is Mykonos. 

This lovely, beautiful island is stacked with exquisitely clear beaches with shallower waters that are great for younger kids. 

However, it’s fairly well known that there are a lot more activities for adults and older children, so bear that in mind when choosing Mykonos.

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The Famous Windmills

As your scavenging through the windy trails of Mykonos city, you may end up at the famous windmills. 

These are gorgeous, larger-than-life pieces of equipment that bring back a flair from history and is certainly something you will want to see. 

While not being overly fascinating, there’s a good chunk of beautiful architecture that can be enjoyed by children and adults.


Whizzing around a Greek Island on a go-kart? 

I don’t think anyone would protest to having a blast on a go-kart while taking in the scenery in Mykonos, and it’s an experience your older children are surely never going to forget. 

Plus, it’s a fairly inexpensive activity that is sure to perk up any day.

Go for a Yacht Ride

If you need something to keep smaller and older kids happy during a Mykonos vacation, one great idea is to take a yacht out for a spin. 

Yachts have plenty for children to do while the parents relax, including snailing, snorkeling, tubing, paddle-boarding, and wake-boarding.

With so much to do, there’s no chance for kids to get bored. Plus, you can sail to other historical islands of Greece, making it all the more exciting!

Open-Air Cinema

The open-air cinema in Mykonos could roughly be compared to a drive-in movie theater that you would find in the United States. However, in this open area you will be sitting as if you’re in a regular movie theater.

Imagine watching a movie, while dining on some delicious Greek food, all the while enjoying the open and taking in the breathtaking, lush scenery surrounding you. 

TIP: It’s something far different than any other movie experience you have had before, so you might want to check it out.


Known as being the largest island in the Cyclades of Greece, Naxos is a top choice for children and tweens thanks to the abundance of sandy beaches and wonderful activities to be found around the island. 

Below you will find some of the things you might want to check out while visiting Naxos.

The Beaches of Naxos

We talk a lot about the beaches of Greece and how they’re great for families, but the Naxos beaches have a certain edge that touts the competition.

  • The Agios St. George beach allows for shallower waters ideal for smaller, younger children, while warm temperatures keep you delighted during your stay. It’s a family-oriented location, so you’re likely to run into plenty of locals during your beach trip.
  • The Agios Prokopios beach is by far the most beautiful beaches on Naxos island, as well as being the most famous. The water is truly crystal clear where you can see for miles, offering some of the most beautiful views in all of Greece. However, at this beach you have a much steeper drop off in the water, so you need to be careful with younger kids.
  • Agia Anna beach is similar to the Agios Prokopios beach in terms of beauty and scenery, but it’s said to be a little bit less crowded than its counterpart. This may be a better choice for those wanting to remain low-key and relaxed during their trip.
  • Plaka Beach is ideal for the more daring swimmers, especially older children, who want to take on the challenge of wind-surfing through these beautiful waters.


If you’re going on a Greek vacation and don’t visit one of the many ancient ruins, you are missing out on a unique opportunity. 

Portara is an excellent spot to visit an ancient ruin because it’s slightly smaller than others on the many islands, making it a far easier walk that even smaller children can do.

TIP: Walk around this historic site, and you’re sure to be in awe.

Folklore Museum

Museums are always going to be an excellent choice when visiting Greece, and the Folklore Museum of Naxos is no different. 

This museum boasts a lovely collection of all sorts of things, from local memorabilia to ancient artifacts. 

With a comprehensive collection of all types of objects, it’s a special trip you don’t want to miss out on.


Corfu is one of those Greek islands that is instantly a hit with families. 

There’s so much to do whether you’re playing on the seemingly endless sandy shore or heading on land to find one of the many exciting activities. 

Corfu is a natural beauty that’s sure to keep your entire family happy from start to finish – no breaks in between!

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Water Park

Corfu is home to the Europe-famous Aqualand. This enormous water park is a must-see, nestled in the beautiful forest of Corfu. 

With over 75 square kilometers of enjoyment, it’s a place where you and your entire family will be able to cool off and have the time of your life.

Inside Aqualand, you will find a whopping 36 waterslides to choose from as well as 15 adventure pools. 

There’s a lazy river for sitting back and relaxing, a wave pool and black hole for a bit more thrills, and a family area where you can raft kayak, or even race!

As for the little ones, they will find a pair of shallow pools with fun waterfalls and fountains. There’s an assortment of little rides perfect for toddlers, while older siblings will have fun testing their skills and thrills in the extreme zone.

Horseback Riding

There is nothing quite like a horseback ride through a vineyard. It’s exciting, downright stunning, and one of the most enjoyable, relaxing experiences one could ever have. 

Younger children and teens will even enjoy this horseback ride as they get to see some incredible sights, from the historic village known as Ano Korakiana to the charming footballs of Mt. Pantokrator.


The Corfu Aquarium is a must-visit when you’re spending a vacation on Corfu

Inside this lovely compact aquarium, you will find colorful tanks that are lined with fish, eel, lobster, and so much more that are local to the Corfu waters. 

Explore the aquarium on your own at your leisure or enjoy one of the tour guides that won’t let you miss a thing.

Glass-Bottom Boat Tour

There’s going on a boat ride, and there’s visiting an aquarium, and then there is combining the two for an incredible experience that gets you up close and personal with nature.

The Corfu glass-bottomed boat tour will allow you to get an up-close look at what’s going on below the surface as you cruise through the waters. There is nothing like it, and the kids will surely love it.

How to Choose the How to Choose the Best Kid-Friendly Island in GreeceKid-Friendly Island in Greece

Now that you know Greek islands are kid-friendly, it may be hard to choose which island is right for you. There are a few different things to consider:

  • Age of your children. This is important, as some islands are better equipped for smaller, younger kids than others. A family with toddlers and young kids may find that Corfu or Crete has better activities for youngsters, while older kids will have a great time in Mykonos.
  • What activities you’re looking for. If you’re an outdoor family that loves to experience cycling, hiking, snorkeling, and more than you will want to choose the island with the most outdoor experiences, Crete would be a top choice, but remember a lot of islands will offer outdoor activities.
  • How long you’re staying. A quick vacation with just a few days may be better off with a smaller island like Naxos. On the other hand, a week-long vacation will be best set with a larger island like Crete, so you can get through it all and have an amazing time.
  • What your price range is for hotels and activities. It’s said that Corfu has the least expensive hotels and activities compared to larger islands like Crete and Mykonos. Consider pricing a factor when choosing which Greek island is right for you.
  • Which historical sights you want to see. Someone may be more interested in seeing the Rhodes castles, while another family might find ancient ruins to be more thrilling sight. Consider what you want in terms of history and archeology when choosing the island.


As you can see, the Greek islands are very kid-friendly. There are numerous things to do as a family, with beaches being the main source of fun and entertainment.

However, each island offers its own unique activities as well as historical and archaeological sites you might want to see. 

Take into consideration the age of your kids, the length of your stay, and what activities you enjoy doing most when making your selection.

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