Is Greece A Good Place To Visit?

When booking vacation plans, it’s always important to consider the trip from several different angles. You want to ensure that you are going to spend the money on the best possible destination for you and the whole family.

With all of the destinations that are possible, that can make things a bit overwhelming to decide which destination will ultimately be the best use of your time and hard-earned dollars.

You need to consider factors such as pricing, weather and if there are enough attractions to keep you and the family having a blast from the start of the vacation up until the departure day. Considering each of these factors, I recently was wondering myself, is Greece a good place to visit? After some research, here is what I learned.

Is Greece a good place to visit? Yes. Greece offers beaches, fantastic food, and a diverse background full or rich history and historic villages. Also, Greece is known to be very budget friendly and offers a wide variety of festivals and other entertainment that the entire family can enjoy.

Many more good things can be said about Greece, and it has plenty to offer to say the least. Like I stated before, it’s essential to cover all these aspects before booking your vacation and making anything final.

Let’s break down some of the attractions and activities you could look forward to while visiting Greece.

Let’s dive into it.

The Top 11 Things to Try When Visiting Greece

Here’s a list I have compiled of 11 of the best activities I would recommend you and the family to consider when traveling to Greece.

A Family Trip to Aegina Island from Athens

This could be a great family excursion to consider while visiting Greece. It’s a guided tour that will take you from Athens to Aegina. You can take the family for a swim in the perfect blue waters on the beach, learn about the city and even visit ancient temples. A must try activity while visiting Greece.

A Family Trip to Hydra

This is another fun-filled activity where you can take the kids to the beach, tour the island of Hydra and even go on a donkey ride if that’s something that the kids will enjoy. The donkeys will walk you through some historic neighborhoods, and when you are finished, you can end your day right back at the beach.

A Sail Around Milos

This is a perfect excursion during April and May. It’s off the beautiful Greek island of Milos and perfect for clear waters, lots of swimming and a day the kids won’t forget. You can end the day in the famous Pirate Cove and take a sail that the entire family will enjoy.

A Family Hiking Adventure on The Highest Mountain in Crete

Depending on the kid’s ages will depend on how much fun this excursion may be. For the kids that enjoy a good hike, this is a must try activity. You will get to hike to the top of the tallest mountain in Crete, and the views at the end of this hike will be all the reward you or your family need after this long hike.

Be sure to bring a great camera. You will want to capture the scenery once you reach the top.

A two-day sail to Kea Island

This is one of the longer and more pricey trips on the list. It is, however, this is a full two-day activity that will take you to some of the most beautiful waters that you and the family can enjoy, swim and soak in the sun. The trip also has other customizations that you can add to the trip depending on your budget.

Family Trip to Mykonos Organic Farm

This is an excellent excursion for those of you who have kids that love animals and the petting zoo type environments. You will be able to see many local farming animals, how farming takes place in Greece and other activities while visiting the farm. A cheap activity for a day full of fun.

Nafpilo Family Walking Tour

This is a calm excursion you can get the entire family on. It will feature expert tour guides, and they will walk you around some of the most extravagant towns in Greece. They will even keep the kids entertained by showing secret pathways and providing ice cream to the family.

A great trip to try while visiting Greece.

Elafonissi Beach

One of the best beaches in Greece that you can visit with the family. You can swim in the Libyan Sea, and if you prefer a change of pace, you can also swim in an all-natural lagoon. It’s safe for small children and features excellent weather and beautiful white sand.

Grab the spades and buckets and be prepared to sit in the sun and make some sand castles.

Kilo’s Honey Farm

This is an excursion that takes a family with some special interest in bees but still can be an excellent activity for you all to enjoy. Explore and hear about the art of beekeeping from the local experts.

You will be offered lunch in the form of fresh fruit such as apricots and end the excursion with some delicious home-made honey straight from the bee’s hive. It doesn’t get much better than that.


Reptisland is a family activity that everyone can enjoy. This is another great activity for families who love seeing animals of all kinds. This facility will feature over 40 different types of reptiles. Even some exotic ones.

Animals ranging from snakes, lizards, and turtles are something you should expect. You won’t be disappointed with this family trip.

Recreational Park in Pavlani

This trip is one of the cheapest activities on our list. It’s a calm and relaxing walk through the park but don’t be misguided or think it won’t throw you for a few loops.

It’s packed full of surprises and beautiful scenery. It’s a safe and welcomed activity for families and children and something you can complete with plenty of time left in the day for other activities.

That wraps up 11 family-friendly excursions you can take while visiting Greece. I did however want to touch on a few other factors to consider before making any final travel plans.

When is the Best Time to Visit Greece?

Average Temperatures in Greece

Month Celcius Fahrenheit
January 9 – 15 48 – 59
February 9 – 15 48 – 59
March 9 – 17  48  – 68
April 12 – 20 53 – 61
May 15 – 24 59 – 75
June 19 – 27 66 – 80
July 22 – 29 71 – 84
August 22 – 29 71 – 84
September 19 – 27 66 – 80
October 17 – 24 48 – 75
November 13 – 20 55 – 68
December 10 – 17 50 – 68


Average water temperatures in Crete

Month Celcius Fahrenheit
January 16 61
February 15 59
March 16 61
April 17 62
May 19 66
June 22 72
July 24 75
August 25 77
September 24 75
October 23 74
November 20 68
December 17 62

Source of average water temperatures:

5 More Reasons to Visit Greece

Below is a look at 5 other reasons why others enjoy booking trips to Greece and some of the things you can expect if you make the this trip a reality.

Budget Friendly

Greece is known to be one of the more budget-friendly vacations you can take. If you take advantage of the prime times, I suggested traveling during off season so you can get the vacation even cheaper. The cost for hotels, dining and family activities won’t break the budget.

It’s said the average cost to travel to Greece, not including airfare and hotel is 25.00 per day. This is your cost to do activities such as visiting beaches, touring towns or even renting a scooter.

Compared to other countries, this is an extremely small budget to work with and very friendly on the bank account. It’s what makes Greece one of the most popular destinations in the world to visit.

For the entertainment you get in return, this is a big factor to consider.

Greek Music

Greek is known to have some of the best calming, relaxing and mood-setting music amongst all countries. Wherever you go and whatever excursion you opt to take, you can count on being provided some local music that will help wash the worries and anxiety from your day job away.


When I traveled to Crete, I thought some things could have been better. We had long bus rides after arrival and not many activities stood out for me and the family to do.

In addition, we realized after the fact that we could have visited other islands for cheaper. Nonetheless, Crete is still extremely popular, and I did have a very good time with my family while visiting. For a more in depth look you can read my other post here about traveling to Crete.

Safe for The Family

In Greece, the crime rate is meager compared to other destinations you can consider visiting. It’s not a vacation where you need to be concerned about your own safety or the family’s safety.

All countries have their unique and common dangers, but Greece is not a country I’d advise against visiting for safety reasons.

Beaches for The Family

It really doesn’t matter where in Greece your intent on traveling to. Most of the destinations have very popular beaches and the weather to back up the adventure. Travel in the summer months and enjoy some hot and sunny days.

Travel during the spring and fall, and you can swim and enjoy more mild conditions. As long as you don’t go during the primary winter months, you should never have a problem finding some excellent beaches to take the kids or the entire family to for a day of fun in the sun.

A Final Word on Greece

When you factor in items such as being budget friendly and safe for the entire family, you’re already off to a great start to make a destination worth visiting. When you throw in beautiful beaches, rich histories and plenty to do, it only sweetens the pot and makes the trip that much more worth it.

In Greece, the weather is stable, the sun is shining, and there is no shortage of activities for you and the family to enjoy. Try and make the trip during the prime weather months and cheaper months and it will be a vacation that you and the family won’t forget.