Is It Safe To Travel To Fiji With A Baby?

If you are planning a trip Fiji with a baby, it’s important to know what to expect. 

Will you find a culture geared only toward adult fun? Will they have amenities for baby care? 

The only way to know is to find out what other traveling parents have found there and to investigate what family-friendly aspects there may be to Fiji tourism.

So, is it safe to travel to Fiji with a baby? It is very safe to travel to Fiji with a baby. Fijians love children, are very welcoming to visitors and tourism in caters to the ideas of relaxation and family-friendly fun. 7 great family resorts in Fiji include:

  1. Treasure Island Resort
  2. Sheraton Denarau Villas
  3. Castaway Island
  4. Nanuku Resort
  5. The Warwick Fiji
  6. Koro Sun Resort and Rainforest Spa
  7. Plantation Island Resort

The prevailing ethos for tourism in Fiji is hospitality and welcoming the whole family. 

In fact, pretty much all Fijian resorts provide excellent nanny services and kids clubs for their guests. 

I did the research into how safe Fiji is for young children, focusing on blogs written by parents who have taken their babies to Fiji. The results were surprising and very reassuring!

Children Are Not Only Safe in Fiji but Welcomed

Practically every blog I read discussed the world-class childcare services provided at Fijian resorts, which makes me feel much better about taking my baby to Fiji. 

However, there are a few things to take into consideration.

The weather is tropical, but it can be overly humid, especially during the rainy season, which can be uncomfortable for babies. 

You’ll also find it hard to purchase baby care items, so you’ll need to take all your childcare essentials with you.

Let’s check into everything you need to plan that trip.

Key Things to Consider When Planning Your Fiji Family Vacation

Fiji is an archipelagic country, comprised of approximately 330 islands, about a third of which are occupied. Fiji also counts over 500 islets as part of its territory, but these islets are on the whole uninhabited.

The vast majority of the population lives on the two big islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, although a lot of the smaller islands operate as private resort islands.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to finding the perfect hotel or resort for your family in Fiji, but there are a few things you should be aware of when planning your Fiji vacation.


Fiji enjoys a warm tropical climate year-round, with a somewhat cooler season that runs from May to October. 

There is a rainy season that runs from November to April, but the rain is intermittent and is concentrated more in the southern parts of the big islands. 

The weather tends to be far more humid in Fiji during the rainy season than the rest of the year.

Given that babies are far more sensitive to heat and humidity than older children. 

NOTE: You might want to avoid traveling to Fiji during the rainy season, if possible. 

However, if you do plan to go to Fiji during this season, you should try to find a resort in the northern region of the big islands and stay away from the inland, mountainous areas where the rainfall is a lot heavier.

Off-Season Travel

Fiji is a very popular travel destination year-round, but the peak season runs from July to August, which coincides with summer holidays for kids in neighboring Australia and New Zealand. 

The resorts tend to be more crowded, and everything tends to be more expensive, including room rates and transportation costs.

Traveling anywhere with a small baby is stressful at the best of times, but it’s even worse when there are crowds of people everywhere and lots of noise. 

It’s also more difficult to book a resort nanny during the peak season, and the resort kids’ clubs tend to fill up quickly too. 

Given all of this, I’d definitely recommend visiting Fiji during the offseason – it’s far more relaxing!


Traveling among the islands is pretty easy to do, but when you’re visiting Fiji with a small baby, you really don’t want to spend your time traveling from one island to the next.

So it’s best to decide what types of activities and attractions you want to focus on and choose a resort that lets you access them easily. Keep any traveling to a minimum so you can have a more relaxing vacation.

A lot of the big tourist attractions like the Botanical Gardens and the Kula Wild Adventure Park lie on Viti Levu, near Suva. 

If you’re interested in a more adventurous vacation focused on activities like scuba diving and coral reef diving, you probably want to choose a resort on one of the outlying islands. 

 Whichever resort you pick, it’s sure to have great childcare facilities.

7 Great Family Resorts to Stay at in Fiji

Unlike a lot of tropical island destinations, Fiji caters to both families and honeymooners and is considered one of the best places for fun family vacations.

Pretty much every resort in Fiji offers dedicated childcare services, including kids’ clubs and meimei or nanny services.

To compile this list of the 7 best family-friendly resorts in Fiji, I focused on accessibility, inclusive packages, and childcare services.

1. Treasure Island Resort

The Treasure Island Resort, located in the Mamanuca Islands, is a short half-hour boat ride away from Vuda Marina in Nadi. 

The resort can arrange an airport transfer for your family. Resort staff will meet you at the airport and take you to the marina, where you’ll transfer to the resort’s private boat. 

This makes things a lot easier when you’re traveling with a baby.

Once there, you can take advantage of Treasure Island’s excellent babysitting and kids’ club services. The Little Treasures Club caters to kids aged 4 to 11, but your baby can also attend the club, as long as they go with a babysitter. 

The resort has experienced babysitters on staff that you can book with 24 hours’ notice, so make sure you book your babysitter ahead of time.

2. Sheraton Denarau Villas

A dedicated family resort, Sheraton Denarau Villas is located on beautiful Denarau Island, about a half hour’s drive away from Nadi International Airport. 

One of the key attractions of this lovely resort property is its proximity to many of the major Fiji tourist attractions like Big Bula Waterpark and the Garden of the Sleeping Giant.

When you stay at the Sheraton Denarau Villas, you also receive access to the property’s sister resorts, The Sheraton Fiji and the Westin Denarau Island Resort and Spa. 

Drop your older kids off at the Lailai Kids’ Club for a day of fun activities or use the resort’s babysitting service to watch over your little ones while you enjoy a relaxing day at the spa.

3. Castaway Island

The Castaway Island resort is also located in the beautiful Mamanuca Islands, but it’s definitely one of the more expensive resorts on this list. 

It’s situated on one of the outlying islands in the Mamanuca Island chain, and it takes about two hours to get there by boat. However, you can get there quicker by seaplane or helicopter.

Castaway Island is highly rated by parents traveling with babies and young children, thanks to its amazing childcare services. The resort’s kids’ club is free for children aged 3 and older, and kids can engage in cultural games, nature walks, and arts and crafts. 

Babysitting services are also available for infants and toddlers at an additional charge. 

The resort also has baby cots that you can order for your room at no additional charge. 

You can even enjoy a relaxing, romantic dinner with your partner while your children have dinner at the kids’ club under the watchful care of experienced kids’ club staff and babysitters. 

Older children can participate in water sports and adventures like dolphin safaris for an extra charge.

4. Nanuku Resort

A stay at the Nanuku Resort is an experience you’ll never forget. Located on a private resort island, Nanuku boasts its own private airstrip. 

The resort operates a private charter plane that will pick you up directly from Nadi International Airport, making your transfer that much easier to navigate.

Once there, choose from a wide array of cultural experiences like visiting an indigenous Fijian village, or outdoor activities like bilibili river rafting and coral reef diving. 

Your kids will also have the time of their lives at the resort’s kids’ club where they can participate in cultural games, go on guided nature walks and learn about local marine life and conservation.

As with all Fijian resorts, The Nanuku offers babysitting services for infants and toddlers, but there’s no additional charge for these services when you rent a Nanuku villa. Children 12 and under also get to stay for free at The Nanuku as long as your book a room for five days or longer.

5. The Warwick Fiji

Located on the white sand beaches of the gorgeous Coral Coast, the Warwick Fiji offers you the five-star luxury and an unforgettable Fijian experience. 

The resort offers you a choice of Garden View Rooms, Ocean View Rooms and Ocean View suites, all set within a backdrop of beautifully manicured, lush tropical gardens.

TIP: Enjoy the Warwick coral reef dive center, which lies about a half-hour by boat off the coast. 

It’s an amazing experience to share with your older children who can also spend their time at the resort’s complimentary kids’ club. 

Babysitting services are also available for an extra charge so you can get to enjoy some one on one time with your partner in this incredibly romantic spot.

6. Koro Sun Resort and Rainforest Spa

Set in the middle of a tropical rainforest reserve, the Koro Sun Resort is a truly unique experience and one that is made even better by the incredible amenities this resort provides. 

Although it’s situated on Vanua Levu, which is quite a distance from Nadi International Airport, the resort does offer complimentary airport transfers with your stay.

It’s a great place to enjoy some downtime with your partner while your kids enjoy the free Koro Kids’ Club, where they get to participate in Fijian cultural activities, arts and crafts, and non-motorized water sports. 

You can also book nanny services for younger children while you spend a few hours relaxing at the Rainforest Spa or even playing barefoot golf on the resort’s links.

7. Plantation Island Resort

For a truly fun family experience, you can’t do much better than the Plantation Island Resort. Located in Nadi, it’s one of the easiest Fijian resorts to get to, which makes life so much easier when you’re traveling with young children. 

It’s also very close to a lot of Fiji’s major tourist attractions and is unique among Fijian resorts because it has its own waterpark on-site!

You can book a room in the main hotel building or your own bure (a Fijian hut), with options of garden bures or oceanfront bures. The resort also runs a complimentary kids’ club for older children as well as a creche for infants and toddlers.

Children younger than 3 do need to have adult supervision at the creche, but you can book a staff babysitter on an hourly basis.

If you’d like dedicated nanny services, the resort also gives you the option to hire a staff nanny for the duration of your stay at a daily rate. 

However, you will have to provide the nanny with accommodation and meals, which is easy to do if you book two interconnecting bures. 

Your kids can also have free run of the resort’s two playgrounds and swimming pool.

Pack Your Bags!

Say “yes” to a trip to Fiji with your baby. Not only is it a gorgeous place to vacation and enjoy family-time, but the culture and hospitality of Fiji even make it possible to find a baby sitter while you have grown-up time!

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