10 Family Friendly Restaurants In Pattaya

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Pattaya, Thailand is a wonderful place to visit and sightsee. If you’re planning a trip out to this beautiful place, you’ll have to plan where you’re going to eat. 

Whether you have specific dietary conditions, picky eaters, or simply want to know what good food Pattaya has to offer. This article will dive into all of those options below!

So, what are the top 10 family-friendly restaurants to visit in Pattaya? Here is the list:

  1. Benihana at Avani Pattaya
  2. Indian By Nature
  3. Five Star J Vegetarian Restaurant
  4. Karma Indian Restaurant
  5. Zaika Indian Restaurant
  6. Elements
  7. MAYs Urban Thai Dine - Pattaya
  8. Laong's Bistro
  9. Garden Cafe Restaurant at Avani Pattaya
  10. DOM Pizzas

These are the 10 highest-rated restaurants in Pattaya for overall experience, appeal and family-friendliness. The assortment of options offers a great variety of food genres and atmospheres to choose from. 

Read through our list to find out which dining options offers all the right things for you and your family!

Top Ten Restaurants in Pattaya

You’re sure to find the right spot for your crew at one of these top ten restaurants in Pattaya, chosen based on their ratings by fellow travelers. 

You’ll find some detailed information here about what makes each restaurant a great place to enjoy with your family.

Benihana at Avani Pattaya

If you’re looking for dinner and show - you’ve found it here! Benihana at Avani is a great restaurant to take the family for an exciting dinner out. 

Not only do they have great steak, sushi, and grilled seafood, but they also have great culinary shows for your viewing pleasure. The chefs cook right in front of you and make it fun!

This one is ranked one of the best family-friendly restaurants for the quality of food as well as the experience. With its modern style paired with Japanese colors and culture intermixed in a beautiful way. You won’t soon forget your trip to this place any time soon. Either will the rest of your family!

Indian by Nature

This is a great restaurant to enjoy for both the ambiance and Indian cuisine. This restaurant is great for families to explore food with Indian flair. 

They offer both traditional Indian dishes as well as Westernized dishes with Indian spices. It will feed the pickiest of eaters as well as those who simply love eating Indian food.

This restaurant is not only great for the family, it is also family owned! The restaurant has passed down from generation to generation and will continue to do so to honor the Indian tradition. So, check it out on your next visit to Pattaya to enjoy the great food and service.

Five Star J Vegetarian Restaurant

This is a great service-oriented and very friendly restaurant for vegetarian or vegan eaters, as well as those who want to dabble in it. 

Or those just want a healthier meal while out vacationing or sightseeing in Pattaya. This restaurant is also “clean,” as in: they use all organic ingredients rather than artificial ones.

This restaurant also has knowledgeable staff who provide prompt service as well as accommodate any diet restrictions. This is great for those with food allergies or dietary restrictions. They can also give out recommendations for those who don’t know the dishes very well and aren’t sure which they would like the best.

Karma Indian Restaurant

This restaurant is another highly rated restaurant in Pattaya with Indian flair. This restaurant offers more traditionally based Indian dishes with long passed down Indian recipes.

It is also highly rated for the extraordinary service this restaurant provides to all its customers.

This restaurant also offers vegetarian and vegan options, which is great for any dietary restrictions that your family may have while traveling to Pattaya. This can also help those more conscience about their meat consumption and want to watch how much they or their family eats.

Zaika Indian Restaurant

Following the theme of Indian food, this restaurant also offers great Indian dishes for you and your family to enjoy. It can be a great, intimate night out for you and your family. 

This restaurant provides both class as well as great service to make you feel like family. They offer both meat and vegetarian options and are willing to make vegan as well.

The restaurant promotes Indian spices and tastes in traditional dishes. Those who love Indian cuisine as well as those wanting to try it should give this restaurant a go. It will help you explore more exotic foods as well as have a great night out with the family. They also offer kids meals for your picky eaters who may not want to try traditional Indian food.


This is a restaurant that is within a hotel, which may not sound very classy, but it really is! This restaurant offers Thai cuisine that is both delicious and traditional. 

Housed in the Intercontinental Pattaya Resort, it’s a great restaurant to go to if you’re staying there as well as one to try just for fun.

Reviewers rave over the food as well as the affordability of the restaurant. This is a great stop for those sticking to a budget while eating out with family. The service is great, too. They offer meals as well as buffets for any time during the day or night. Not to mention the quality of the food they serve, with accommodations for any diets.

MAYs Urban Thai Dine

Experience the food of the gods. That is this restaurant’s slogan, and they don’t sell that lightly! 

The restaurant was started by Ms. May who comes from Thailand and wanted to start a restaurant that honored her culture’s food and heritage. She uses family recipes to make fresh food and use beautiful displays.

When you come to May’s Urban Thai Dine you will experience a truly individualized dining experience. You’ll feel like family and one of the most honored guests at the same time. May’s food and restaurant will help you become one with the Thai cuisine and culture. It’s a great experience to give to yourself and your family.

Laong's Bistro

Another steak house - but with a Thai twist! This restaurant offers both traditional Thai food as well as Thai takes on international dishes for a truly unique experience. 

Many of their dishes are exclusive to Laong’s, so it’s definitely recommended that you check this place out on your travels!

They have food for everyone, including your picky eaters in the family. Let them experience the culture and excitement of experiencing another culture’s food and way of life. The service is both great and intimate. It can be a relaxed atmosphere for families to enjoy their time out with each other.

Garden Cafe Restaurant at Avani Pattaya

This cafe offers a casual dining experience with a wide assortment of food from all over the world. This restaurant offers a la carte and full meals for those who want a simple snack or a full course meal. This makes it the perfect place to take a break from traveling or stop for a meal to rest and refuel from the day.

The staff is friendly and will make sure you get all that you need while you’re there. Fine service, wonderful food and an overall good time. 

The Garden Cafe will have you relaxed and ready for the rest of your day. Not to mention your family’s energy as well. This cafe will have you wanting for more, and you won’t be able to wait to come back again.

DOM Pizzas

One of the few Italian restaurants on this list, but with good reason! This place offers great Italian food like some you may find in Italy. Not to mention great French and European dishes to feed that craving you may have while experiencing all the Thai and Indian food. 

Some diversity can help break up the day. It helps that their food is good, too!

The staff is welcoming, and you can’t go wrong ordering anything on the menu. Reviewers rave about how great the service and food are when you dine here. They offer meat options as well as vegetarian and vegan dishes. Not to mention gluten-free if you need it. This Italian restaurant will have you begging for seconds!


We’ve discussed the top ten family friendly restaurants to visit while in Pattaya. Thailand is a beautiful place to experience and tour if you are out of the area. 

Even those who live in the area may find new places to try for a night out with the family. Either way, any of the restaurants can provide a new or unique experience for everyone to enjoy.

Hopefully, this article has helped you plan your next trip to Pattaya, Thailand. As well as the restaurants you’ll check out while you’re there! Be sure to take lots of pictures and write your own review if you’ve had the chance to check out any of these restaurants. It will help promote their business and future vacations plans of other families!

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