How Do You Find Child Care While Visiting Las Vegas?

If you’re a family planning to visit or relocate to Las Vegas, you’ll probably be wondering what kind of childcare options there are.

It is not easy to leave your child with new people, however. 

I spent some time gathering information on the various daycare centers as well as alternative options.

How do you find childcare in Las Vegas and what is the price? There are mainstream daycare centers scattered throughout the city in convenient locations. You can easily find one near your home or job. Average pricing is about $1300 per month, just a little under the average rent cost. There are also alternative options, such as drop-in daycare, nanny service or a part-time babysitter.

Now that you know what is available in the area, it is time to discuss the details of these options. 

It is important to understand the care your child gets in different environments. You must also consider how the cost of childcare affects families.

Starting the Search

When you first start looking for childcare, try an online search to find locations near your home or work. Las Vegas is a busy city, so there are a lot of options. 

Talk to friends and family to find out about trusted caregivers.

If you prefer a more personal approach to childcare, you can check with a nanny service. These companies can connect you with a long-term provider or a one-time babysitter. 

You can also check with your personal church or research in-home daycares.

Once you find a few places you like, start planning your visits. It is pertinent to check out a childcare situation in person, as each one is different. Even a business with good reviews may not have all the features you like.

Traditional Daycare Setting

Many new parents start out looking at well-known childcare centers. These are often located near residential areas, making it easy for parents to drop off kids on their way to work. Most of these centers have the same basic setup.

A traditional daycare set-up consists of rooms with kids separated into age groups. As your child gets older, the classes often become larger. The baby and early toddler rooms may have a lower teacher to student ratio.

The main goal at these daycares is to get the children on a schedule. This predictability helps kids feel more secure about their day. Milestones throughout the day include things like snack, lunch, naptime, and outdoor play.


It is important to understand how many childcare establishments work. There are often many daycare centers with the same name; however, they are franchises. An individual runs the center, and each one has differences.

You can’t expect the same basic organization and schedule. The hiring process and personal touches can vary. It is important to visit the center and meet the director of each center, even if they have the same name.

Private Daycare Centers

Private childcare usually consists of smaller classes and a smaller building. These are often located in businesses or churches. If you have a specific religious preference, you may feel more comfortable with one of these.

Some businesses also have on-site childcare for employees. This can save a lot of travel time, and the pricing may work better for you. Even if the price is comparable, you can save money on travel expenses.

A daycare at your office also gives you the opportunity to check on your child during the day. Many people run daycares out of their home, as well. These offer children a more natural environment and more flexibility.

Work Hours

The city of Las Vegas is different than many major cities. It is well-known for its nightlife. Working in Las Vegas may involve some late-night or overnight shifts. 

Single parents often feel limited on the jobs they can take when childcare is only available during business hours.

TIP: Check for daycares with extended hours. Some may stay open late. Others have overnight and weekend care.

If you regularly work the night shift, consider hiring in-home care. Many college students babysit to make extra money, as they can usually study once the kids fall asleep.

Many parents also work opposing shifts so they can remain the primary caretakers. If you only work late hours part of the time, a personal sitter or nanny is an easy solution.

Childcare for Travelers

Residents of Las Vegas are not the only people in need of childcare. Visitors to the city may also require help with kids. 

Parents often like to have a night out on their own during the family vacation. Some activities in Las Vegas are not suitable for children.

Las Vegas caters to tourists. The city is bustling throughout the night and wee hours of the morning. While there are plenty of family-friendly activities, adults may want a taste of the nightlife.

Due to the culture of Las Vegas, there are nanny services that cater specifically to families on vacation. There are several options to choose from.

  • A hotel or resort with childcare services or kid’s activities
  • Nanny or sitter that comes to your hotel room
  • Drop-in at a traditional daycare center (there are several 24- hour centers in Las Vegas)

If you know childcare is a necessity on your trip, do the research before you leave home. You can get all the paperwork done with a childcare agency before your trip. This makes it easier when you need to hire a sitter for your night out.

You can also register with a daycare center that offers care on a drop-in basis. If you plan on using a lot of childcare services while vacationing, you may prefer a hotel with childcare. If you have a rental car, you can easily drive into town for entertainment purposes.

Drop-In Childcare

Drop-in services are available at some daycare centers. This is usually dependent on available space, however. Daycares must adhere to a specific student to teacher ratio.

Start looking for drop-in childcare several weeks before you need it. Complete the registration process, then schedule childcare for the necessary dates.

You must fill out paperwork at the daycare, just like the regular attendees. If you live in town, visit the childcare center for a tour. 

If you need childcare while on vacation, do proper research on the center.

Read everything on the website. Most business sites have pictures or virtual tours. You can also read online reviews. If you have friends or family in Las Vegas, ask them to visit the center for you. You can also call and have a conversation with the director.

Live-in Help and Nannies

If you work long hours or random shifts, you may enjoy live-in childcare or a full-time nanny. You must have the proper living space and budget for this option, however. 

Parents that travel for work often need someone to stay overnight with the children, as well.

It can take a lot of effort to find the right person for this type of position. A nanny agency can help you find someone that meets your needs. 

Take proper safety measures with anyone that is alone with your children. This includes a background check and reference check.

Live-in nannies have a salary that includes room and board in most cases. They do not pay rent, utilities, or food in most cases. Some families also offer a car for them to use since they drive children to activities during work hours. 

RECOMMENDATION: College students often make great live-in caregivers and do well keeping up with energetic children.

A full-time nanny does not have to live in your home. They may simply come to your home in the morning before you leave for work. You can also hire a nanny to come in after school and during holiday breaks.

After-School Care

Working parents cannot get to their children when the school day ends. Kids often need care for about 2 to 3 hours after school lets out. Many schools accommodate working parents by offering an after-school program.

You must pay for these services; however, it is less stressful for many kids. They simply stay at the school until the parents arrive for pickup. They have snacks, playtime, and do homework.

Many daycare centers have an extra room for after-school kids, as well. they send a bus or van to the schools to pick up children in the program. They also offer a snack, playtime, and help with homework.

Cost of Childcare

The average childcare cost in Las Vegas, Nevada depends on the type of childcare you choose. The average cost of rent in Las Vegas is about $1,200. 

Full-time daycare is almost an equally expensive endeavor.

  • Traditional daycare center- $1,300 per month
  • Daytime Nanny – $9- $14 per hour
  • Live-in Nanny $33,000 per year + room, board, and car (Many parents provide medical insurance, as well.)
  • Occasional babysitter or after-school only, per hour – $5 (for young sitters ages 12-16), $11 (older or professional sitters)
  • After-school care at the school – $35- $45 per week, $10-$12 per day (drop-in rates)
  • Before or after school care at a daycare center- $200- $600 per month
  • In-home childcare- varies (each caregiver makes their own rates)

Childcare costs will depend on what choice a parent makes, which in turn, depends a lot on the parent’s schedule, budget, and personal preference.

Final Thoughts

Many parents stay home when kids are little, due to the rising cost of daycare. When the cost of rent is about the same as the cost of daycare, you can see why.

Fortunately, in Las Vegas, there are many options for families, whether visiting the city or living there full-time. 

With a little research, you can find the right option to work with your family’s work schedules, school schedules, and childcare preferences.