What Is Canada Famous For? 21 Iconic Canadian Facts

Doing research about Canada was very interesting for me because I got to discover many awesome things about the country that I did not know anything about.

What is Canada famous for? Canada is the second-largest country in the world, but the total population of its people barely occupy 25 percent of the total landmass. Therefore, there is a wide expanse of forests, lakes, mountains all around the country. Canada is a very culturally diverse society and Canadians are very polite. Canada has universal healthcare, making it one of the safest places to live.

Canada has a number of attractions that have drawn national and international attention. Overall, Canada is a very beautiful place that everyone should try to visit. 

I have researched some of the things that Canada is famous for, which includes some of the tourist attractions in Canada. Enjoy reading.

The Size of Canada

Canada is the second-largest country in the world. With the really large landmass, Canada is sparsely populated; hence the larger part of the country is covered by vegetations, forests, and lakes, with charming biodiversity.

The capital of Canada is Ottawa, and the largest city in Canada is Toronto. Canada is a very diverse society with two official languages, English and French. Having two official languages reflects back to the history of Canada and how two world powers occupied the land.

The weather could be really extreme in Canada; however, it is probably one of the most natural and peaceful environments, you would love to stay in or visit.

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is an iconic representation of the Canadian culture, such that the Canadian flag carries a maple leaf on it—yeah, you probably did not know that. The largest producer of maple syrup is Canada; the maple syrup is produced from the Canadian Sugar Maple tree.

The maple syrup obtained from the tree is always pure, and very good quality because it is natural without the addition of anything else. This syrup is used as a sweetener in baking. It is also used as a substitute for sugar.

NOTE: Canadians protect the Canadian Sugar Maple to ensure that this iconic feature of the country does not get completely depleted.

Niagara Falls

This is a breathtakingly awesome sight. The Niagara Falls features three waterfalls—American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Horseshoe Falls—between Ontario and New York. 

The American Falls and Bridal Falls are situated in the United States, while the Horseshoes Falls—which is the largest of the three waterfalls—is so large it cuts through the borders of Canada and the United States.

Although two of these falls are located in the United States, the place to get the best view is in Canada. 

From the Skylon Tower, you can get a very enchanting view of all three waterfalls, while enjoying a great meal.

TIP: If you like to have a close examination of what is really happening in the falls, you can join a boat tour that would lead you to the feet of this great natural beauty.

CN Tower

The Toronto skyline is not complete if the iconic image of the CN Tower does not pierce through this spread of blue. It was once the tallest building in the world until it was recently sent to the ninth position of the tallest building in the world; however, this does not mean it would still not leave you in awe.

Going up the tower offers a lot of goodies for the eyes. The view of Toronto from the top of the tower is beautiful and exhilarating. You could catch the view while having a meal in the revolving restaurant at the top of the tower, or you could catch the view while walking on the observation deck of the tower.

The tower is not only a delight for those who chose to go to its top, but it is also a delight for those who behold from the ground, especially at night when it displays different colors. Next time you are in Toronto, take out some time to see the CN Tower.

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is one of Vancouver’s most visited sights, with about 400 hectares of rainforest on the West Coast. The park features large bodies of water, mountains, huge red cedar and Douglas fir trees, beautiful beaches, interesting wildlife creatures, and landmarks that are relevant to the culture and history of Canada.

The seawall, which surrounds the park provides extensive and designated ways for people who enjoy jogging, walking or biking. Within the park, there is the Vancouver Aquarium, which is Canada’s largest aquarium

There are more places to visit within the park, like Beaver Lake, the Rose Garden, and the Park Pavilion. All of these places provide exciting experiences for every age group.

Banff National Park

The Banff National Park is situated in the province of Alberta, in the center of the Rocky Mountains. This particular park puts some of the most beautiful Canadian scenery on center stage.

Lake Louise is one of the major attractions in the Park. The lake is surrounded by really high mountains and glaciers. 

Not so far from Lake Louise, there is another captivating lake called the Moraine Lake, which has an environment that is more dramatic.

In winter, two of the most visited and efficient ski destinations, Lake Louise Ski Resort and Sunshine Village, are located in Banff. If you enjoy skiing, then this is one of the best places to visit.

Following the Icefield Parkway, the drive from Lake Louise to Banff has so many beautiful attractive sites. In Banff, you can find a comfortable place to spend the night.

Old Quebec

Old Quebec is one of the cultural gems of Canada. This site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, containing the most historical buildings in the city. The exceptional Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac, amongst other national treasures, is located at the Lower Town of Quebec.

On the Upper Town of Quebec, there is the Citadel, the Plains of Abraham, Place d’Armes and the Parque Historique de l’Artillerie. These beautiful places have turned Old Quebec to one of the most popular historical sites and tourist attractions in Canada.

The Musee de la Civilisation is another highlight of the area. You would have a great time getting to know more about the history of Quebec and observing the city itself.


This ski resort and the village of Whistler got the attention of the world when it was used as one of the locations for the 2010 Winter Olympics Games. The destination provides very good terrain for every kind of skiing and snowboarding event.

In some may skiing magazines, the resort, which is the biggest ski resort in North America, has been tagged as the best skiing resort in the world. This resort is visited very often by an estimated 2 million visitors every year, because of the well-improved skiing terrain and features. It also provides a beautiful terrain for golfing and so many outdoor sports.

Also, the resort offers other recreational services that would keep everybody engaged, excited and amused.

Butchart Gardens

The Butchart Garden which displays a biodiverse ecosystem of flora in such an elegant and beautiful way that you have never seen before is situated in, Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, Canada. The gardens in the Butchart Gardens have been declared a National Historic Site of Canada and get visited by almost one million visitors in a year.

If you are a lover of nature, the next time you visit Canada, plan to take a trip to the garden. It is such a very pleasurable sight, as it displays beautiful flowers and foliage in the beautiful light of the sun, that it would leave you awestruck.

NOTE: If you try visiting in the summer, you will be amazed at the beautiful display of colors that you may think you are in a dream world.

Ice Hockey

Canada is famous for the game of Ice Hockey, as it is one of the events in the country that gets the highest participation of people in different age brackets. The game originated from Canada and was influenced by European stick and ball sports.

This game has become the official winter game of Canada. Surprisingly, more than just ordinary sport, this game has become an iconic and cultural sport in Canada. Although there are many other sports that are getting the attention of the world, Canada still loves its Ice Hockey.

If you enjoy playing Ice Hockey, you may want to take out some time to experience the beautiful sport in Canada. I heard it’s called hockey there. Just remove the ice, okay!

Gros Morne National Park

This is another UNESCO World Heritage Site situated in Canada. Gros Morne National Park puts on display, beautiful landscapes that encompass mountains, steep slopes, waterfalls, and awesome rock formations.

You can enjoy the beautiful scenery by joining a boat tour. For those who enjoy hiking, you can enjoy the park by following the hiking trails. Rather than taking a boat tour, you could also go kayaking, if that gives you an opportunity for a better appreciation of this beautiful landmark.

BONUS: In winter, you can go ski touring in this park too.

Polar Bears of Churchill

For wildlife experts, it is quite interesting to observe creatures in their natural habitat. For this reason, a number of tourists, every year, come to observe the polar bears in the arctic.

The bears migrate to Hudson Bay during the hunting season, when the water freezes over. In this period, visitors can go in tundra buggies, to observe these beautiful creatures closely.

The unforgettable experience of being very close to a polar bear is one that cannot get any better than what you will get when you go see these polar bears.

Vancouver Island

In the north of Vancouver Island, into the remote landscapes, the island has a lot of unforgettable and unexpected surprises for everybody that seeks to have some fun. 

On this island, there are many interesting hiking trails and locations that are beautiful for camping.

On the west coast of the island, there beautiful and magnificent trees, interesting rocks formations on the shore as you drive towards Tofino. 

On the shores of Tofino, there are tourists come to appreciate the huge waves; some other comes to ride those waves and some just come to absorb the natural ambiance.

Not so far away, there is the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Nanaimo, Parksville, Qualicum Beach, and Cape Scott Provincial Park. The island of Vancouver has all these beautiful places for you to explore.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

This is a new attraction in Winnipeg; however, within a short time, it has gotten both national and international recognition. The Canadian Museum of Human Rights opened in 2014 with a building that has a very unconventional yet astonishing architectural design.

Unlike most museums, this museum does not feature the historical background of a particular group of people, Rather, it features stories of individuals and the different perspectives to it. 

It also brings the experience of these people to life, making it quite relatable. The museum covers a large range of topics.

Calgary Stampede

This particular event lasts for ten days. Many tourists plan their travels around the time of this event. At the time of the event, the city of Calgary come to life, with everyone dressed in their jeans, cowboy boots and hats.

At the ground of the event, there is a daily rodeo show that attracts participants from all over North America. There are other interesting recreational activities that you could undertake. There are enough games, food, and fun to go around for all.

Next time you are Canada, try to include a trip to experience the Calgary Stampede.

Ottawa’s Parliament Hill

Ottawa’s Parliament Hall, from the outside, looks like a castle but it is not. In that beautiful construction, the House of Commons and the House of Senate are demarcated by the Peace Tower.

In the building, both parties come together to create policies that will make Canada a better place. 

The impressive structure and the Ottawa River, just some distances away, make the scenery very beautiful and picture friendly.

St. John’s Signal Hill National Historic Site

The Signal Hill National Site is just at the entrance of St. John’s harbor, towering high above the city. The first wireless signal was received here in 1901.

One of the major sites of the Signa; Hill is the Cabot Tower. The tower was built to celebrate the four hundredth anniversary of discovering Newfoundland. Later on, the tower was used to commemorate Guglielmo Marconi’s reception of the first radio signal.

In the tower, there is historical information concerning Signal Hill and the contributions of Guglielmo Marconi to communication. 

NOTE: The view of the city, from the top of the tower, is exhilarating.

Canada Has Three Most Livable Cities In The World

According to the 2019 list of Most Livable Cities in the World, three cities in Canada made the list—Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. 

A lot of factors like health care, education, the rate of crime, the economic situation of the city, were considered. Considering all these factors, it is noteworthy that three out of the cities in Canada made the list.

If you are looking for a place to visit without any kind of fear for your health or for your property, then this is the place to visit or live.

Health Care Services

Health care services in Canada almost cost the citizens nothing. The healthcare is greatly subsidized by the government for the people

Life expectancy in Canada is high because there are healthcare services available when it is needed. 

Little wonder Canada has three cities that made the list of Most Livable Cities in the World and have remained on the list for more than six years.


When you travel to a place you have never been to, I believe that the experience is not complete if you do not have a taste of some of the famous cuisines of the place. Poutine was first made in Quebec: it was the result of mixing fries with cheese curds and gravy.

This is seen as the national Canadian dish. This meal has grown in popularity all over the world as it is being made in different parts of the world now.

NOTE: The next time you visit Canada, try out some poutine.

Great Performers

More than we agree, Actors are national treasures too, who for their great performances have drawn attention to themselves. 

Over the years, Canada has produced some really great entertainers that are still relevant today.

Two of our favorite Ryans are from Canada—Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds. Also, the very interesting and comical performer, Jim Carrey is also an excellent Canadian actor. Without a doubt, these performers have ceaselessly thrilled the audience with their performance prowess.