A Babymoon Holiday? 9 Reasons To Go On A Babymoon Trip

I’ll take you on a guided tour about, what a babymoon holiday is, and I’ll tell you why you should most definitely have a babymoon holiday before the baby arrives

What is a Babymoon holiday? A Babymoon is the last holiday, that you and your significant other are able to embark on before the baby arrives. The very last vacation before you become parents, and before your lives will be changed forever. Some see it is a celebration of what is to come, and some see it as a last chance to have guilt-free relaxation and romance.

It is essentially a made-up word, but all words are made up. The problem is, that it actually has two meanings, and the aforementioned is only one of them.

Let me tell you more about the babymoon holiday. Read on and you’ll most likely learn more, as I did research this blog post.

What a Babymoon is, and why you need it!

The first understanding of the word Babymoon is different from what I wrote above.

What is the original definition of Babymoon? A Babymoon originally was a word describing a vacation or holiday for new parents, just after the baby arrived. It is meant to be a bonding trip for the parents and the baby. You would go on a Babymoon, to escape the daily life routines, to slow down, and to really get to know and bond with the newborn child.

This is also how I understood the word Babymoon at first, but I have learned that over time, it has become more of a last romantic holiday, a trip more about the mom and dad, than about the baby.

Let’s break it down, so that we can agree that the original definition is the right one.

The word comes from the word honeymoon and the word baby. We all can agree on that, that is not rocket science.

A honeymoon is a holiday or a weekend-trip you go on, after the marriage, you do not go honeymooning, before the marriage. So, by that definition it must be after you get a baby, you should go on a babymoon, with your baby, to mee, it is not romantic couples getaway.

Why you need to go on an original babymoon!

If you did not read the part, where I explained about what the original meaning of the word babymoon is, then I’ll reiterate for you.

It was meant as a trip, you go on with your baby, as soon as you are able to, to create a stronger bond between you and your child.

#1 Bonding with the child

As the original reason to go on a Babymoon is for bonding with your child, it must be working.

In Denmark, we have courses for parents to be about bonding and how important the first days, weeks, months and years are.

Actually, my girlfriend now teaches this class, because she works as a midwife.

Back to the point

In this class, we learn about how important cuddling, and child-to-parent contact, skin-contact, eye-contact and just spending time talking to your baby is.

Your everyday life might be stressed with work, parenthood, budgets, birthdays and social media on your smartphone, demanding your attention.

Why not take some time off? 

If it is true, that spending time with your baby makes a significant change for the better, in how your kid’s life will be, then what is there to risk?

#2 Finding your family tune

Who does the diapers? In our case, I needed to learn and adapt to changing diapers, I think most dads do, and probably also plenty of moms.

When on a vacation away from home, you get to turn off big stressing parts of your everyday life and focus on what matters.

You don’t have to go on an expensive island hotel-holiday at the other side of the world. A nice rented cabin, some few hundred miles of driving, will also do the trick for you.

TIP: A change of scenery and a technology detox is important.

#3 A time for everyone

This is not only a time for the baby’s sake. It is also for you as a couple, your baby might be 4 months old already, and you haven’t had the time to slow down and appreciate each other.

As previously mentioned, when going on a holiday, you take away a lot of stress factors, especially if you, as I would recommend, do turn off your smartphones as well.

There is plenty of other ways, to take photos of your newborn child.

Take the time to steal some kisses, and snuggling, the whole family.

#4 Makes for a better travel companion

Sadly I haven’t traveled with a baby, only toddlers, but that is all about to change soon. As I am writing this, we have a 4-months old and we are saving for the next trip, as we speak.

So, for this reason, I need to tell you some of the things, I’ve read about traveling with a baby.

One thing, many travel-bloggers and other travel-related websites have in common when writing about traveling with a baby is this.

The kid will get used to it, and it will be easier and easier to travel together, and the best of it all, and at a very early age, they will be able to take care of themselves in airports and know the basic rules of traveling.

This is a great education in patience and culture.

NOTE: It is widely accepted as a fact, that kids who travel more, will be more open-minded and adventurous of heart.

I do want my kids, to want to go experience the world, if this is only slightly true, then it is fine with me.

Why you need to go on a babymoon!

I will get into, why you need to go on a babymoon. This is the version of the babymoon, where you travel while mom is pregnant, the last trip before the baby arrives.

#1 Because you are able to!

Budgets, time and stress might already be tight, but I tell you one thing if you are strung up right now, your finances are getting even tighter.

I really do hope, that you are alright financially, and I think as a travel-enthusiast reading this, you might be great at putting money aside for traveling and adventures already.

But even if you have always been great at saving money for travels, it might get tougher “on the other side”. So why not just go on a trip?

If you come out the other side, in a great financial situation, then what was the harm done? Just go traveling some more, with your kids, you will never regret a vacation – at least I haven’t

#2 Enjoy some Romance

I think you know what I mean, I don’t need to to get into the details on this one, but your romantic life as a couple is changing, take the time to enjoy the company of each other, and only each other.

Get close!

#3 Slow Down and Recharge

Sleep, promise me you will sleep on this trip. Don’t plan too many things to do, just go sleeping, relaxing and to everything you want to do.

But, if you are not the sleepy type, then go for a hike, go on an adventure, go do stuff you cannot do with a baby or toddlers.

Some would say, that anything you can do without a kid, you can do with a kid, but not everybody has that kind of energy.

Kids are great, but they require your energy, so suck it all up while you are on your babymoon.

#4 Prepare for what is next

It is also a great time to stop and reflect on what has been, the end of an era.

You are able to stop the time for a bit, spend some time preparing, both mentally and physically for what is next in your lives.

In the daily life routines, you might not get the time to stop and talk about what your plans for the kid(s) might be, it is a great time to get aligned in how you want to raise the child.

Don’t rush through it like a boardroom-meeting, just spend the vacation dreaming about the future together and share your thoughts with each other.

You might also want to discuss the more tricky stuff, such as finances and family budgets.

This does not sound like fun, I know, but some people find it hard to talk about money, it is easier to talk about the hard stuff when you change your environment and slow down.

Listen to each other.

#5 The last couple’s trip for a while

I think that a family should travel together, and I even think that if you get married after having kids, then you should bring the kids on the honeymoon.

It is okay to go on a romantic weekend once in a while, but after the baby arrives you will have to wait a long time to go on a holiday, just as a couple, even only for a few days.

Everything is different once the baby arrives, take the time to go on a trip together and enjoy the company of each other. Soon you will have to put the baby’s need first.

Traveling will never be the same again!

Related Questions

Where does the term Babymoon come from? 

The British author of 28 childbirth- and pregnancy books, Sheila Kitzinger, who is also natural breastfeeding activist and feminist, claims to be the one who came up with the word babymoon in the early 1990s. The English Oxford dictionary, tells us that it is dated back to 1970s but it is hard to know what is true.

Do you want to know more fun facts about England? Check out this article here. Cheers!

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