The 10 Most Family Friendly Restaurants In Singapore!

Singapore is a stunning island that is actually the only city-island-nation in the entire world! Being a busy and cosmopolitan city, there is so much culture to take in while visiting this unique place. 

If traveling with children, you’ll want to know the best restaurants you can take your children that will offer such better distractions that the go-to of shoving an iPad in front of their face.

The 10 most family and kid friendly restaurants in Singapore are:

  1. NOM – Bistro and Bakery
  2. Tree Lizard Dempsey
  3. Eat Play Love
  4. Picotin Express
  5. Jamie’s Italian
  6. Ju Shin Jung Korean Restaurant
  7. Super Loco
  8. Trapizza
  9. Cafe Melba
  10. Riders Café

These restaurants were selected based on verified ratings, menus, and because they have wonderful dining for adults while also catering to your little ones. 

Children are notorious for making a quiet dinner nearly impossible, but that doesn’t have to be the case with these Singapore establishments that have thought of it all.

We will discuss what makes each of these special and why they’re worth stopping in during your time in Singapore. 

Each has some kind of adaptation, playpen, or adorable strategy of keeping your tots busy long enough for you slow down and get a bite as well! 

Take a breath, take your time, and enjoy Singapore as you ought to while these restaurants serve as the perfect distraction for your kids and the perfect food-therapy for you.

The Top 10 Family Friendly Restaurants in Singapore

It’s important to choose a restaurant that is not just thinking of its adult patrons, but also of what kind of experience the child is having.

Smart restaurant owners know – If the kid is having fun and distracted long enough, mama and papa have time to enjoy their meal and end up purchasing more drinks anyway! This is a win for you and for the business, so these thoughtful establishments that made this list are doing it the right way.

With thousands of restaurants to choose from in Singapore, it can be difficult to sift through them and narrow down a list, especially with children around. 

You want to know there’s something that will appeal to your little one as well as the older crowd within your group.

This guide has done all the hard work for you so you can simply show up, enjoy yourself, and eat!

NOM – Bistro and Bakery

Topping our list is Nom, the adorable eatery and bakery that is hidden at the Macpherson Community Club. NOM stands for, ‘No Other Meaning,’ but also is a fun play on words for the noise people make while eating food their enjoying! 

This spot is well-known for the brunch menu but give your kids so much to keep them entertained! 

Get them a slice of rainbow cake to devour for after they’re worn out from running around the playpens shaped like robots, dragons, and new worlds. 

As if this place didn’t have enough, there’s even a rock wall outside so they can pretend to be Spiderman! They also do birthday parties so you can sip a mimosa while the kids run free. Did I mention there’s a rock wall?

Tree Lizard Dempsey

This is a home to fine-dining style restaurant that has swanky food for the adults and wonderful food options for your kiddos and babies. 

Your little ones will lose their minds over the bouncy castle (who doesn’t love those, honestly?) along with an arts and crafts station to keep them preoccupied while you dine.

With a full-on park filled with slides, swings, bouncy houses, arts, and food, what more could you really ask for?

Eat Play Love

Aside from its adorably clever name, Eat Play Love allows your kids to explore their own creativity while you dine in peace. 

Instead of allowing them to run wild around a playground, perhaps you want them to have a tamer time. 

This spot is the perfect solution with their distraction being Arts & Crafts. 

NOTE: Kids have an entire studio to play with and create masterpieces, all in a separate room so you can enjoy your meal alone.

Picotin Express

With beautiful rustic charm, this is like a garden oasis in the middle of Singapore. Known as, ‘kid heaven,’ you can find this hideaway within the green golf-course of Bukit Timah. 

There is a lovely outdoor deck for you to dine on, while the kids can play some mini-putt putt and eat ice cream and pizza! 

This sounds like a dream day when I was a child and adds a little something extra for your young ones, outside of the traditional play pen.

Jamie’s Italian

After dining in Jamie’s Italian Restaurant on my Royal Caribbean cruise (this restaurant is on all of the ships) I can attest that the food is absolutely delicious and is only beat by the kindness I received in service. 

Enjoy some Italian which is necessary no matter what country you’re in, while the kiddos are treated like royalty. 

They can eat chick-lollipops, fish in a bag, and perhaps the coolest thing on this entire list – a waterpark! Jamie has added a rooftop waterplay arena for kids to basically play a water version of bumper-cars while in boats. Uhm… Do the boats come in my size?

Ju Shin Jung Korean Restaurant

What every little sprout wants – a ball pit to dive into! There are playpens that will keep the kids entertained for hours with rides, toys and a ball pit to swim through. 

With delicious Korean BBQ for the whole family, it’s quite high in demand. 

If you want to savor the flavors at this spot, be sure to make a reservation as it fills up quickly. 

TIP: Request a table near the play area so you can keep an eye on the kids while you get your grub on.

Super Loco

Rated as a top spot near Robertson Quay, this eatery can be spotted by the kids you’ll see sliding around on scooters! 

With colorful and funky décor, this ambiance will immerse you into the unique stylings of Singapore while also offering a huge variety of food. 

Want French food? Have a crepe. Want Mexican food? They have enchiladas! Brunch is the hot time here so make a reservation early and allow the kids to scooter to their hearts content across the colorful rainbow bridge.


When you picture the perfect picturesque restaurant for the whole family, picture Trapizza. 

We all love pizza, (bread and cheese, what’s not to love?) and they have it all here so you can customize your own delicious creation while the kids jump around the kid-zone.

The fun part is that your kids can roll out their own dough and be part of creating their own pizza. 

Children love to feel autonomous and like they can do things on their own. What a fun way to teach them about making your own food and the enjoyment that goes into cooking with love.

Cafe Melba

It’s hard not to love Café Melba. Kids can enjoy more sporty activities here so if you have a kid that’s high on energy and doesn’t seem to run out of it, you can wear them down for a good night’s sleep here. 

They offer the kiddos scootering, games, soccer courts, basketball, and tons of intellectual games and puzzles. As far as food, you can enjoy a daiquiri while they get nuggets, pizza, or other beloved kid-favorites. 

Consider purchasing the Kids’ Club Card if you are moving to Singapore or will be back a few times. It involves free treats and remember! 

TIP: Kids eat free on Mondays!

Riders Café

I tried to save one of the best for last, because Riders Café is something special! Hidden away in the Bukit Timah area, this unique café is more of an experience than a restaurant. 

You enjoy delicious food while the kiddos get horseback riding lessons! 

Every kid dreams of having a pony to ride off into the sunset on. Here you can enjoy the cuisine while the children ride pony’s, or even enjoy the playpen they have near the deck so you can keep an eye the whole time. This one fills up fast so definitely call ahead to reserve your patio spot!

Singapore Dining Solved!

Dining out in Singapore does not need to be a struggle.

I hope this list helps to make your trip run even smoother and you can get the best for the whole family. You deserve to get the most out of your travels but that doesn’t mean your kids have to be bored too.

Think of this list next time you’re about to grab the iPad for a convenient distraction. Let’s see if we can mix it up a little, shall we?

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