Are There Baby Changing Facilities On Planes?

I was curious to know if there are baby changing facilities on every airplane. I have researched the topic, because we might go traveling on a plane, with a baby very soon.

So, Are there baby changing facilities on planes? Some airplanes have a changing table for babies, and some only have a changing table in one of the lavatories. The best way to know, if your flight have baby changing facilities is to ask the flight attendant. If you want to know before traveling, you have to contact the airline in advance.

Now we know, that there is a chance, that you might be traveling og going to be traveling on a plane, without baby changing facilities

We have to find out, what to do, if this occurs, read on as I suggest solutions to this problem.

More about baby changing facilities and Airplanes

Changing diapers is just never fun. This is one of the trials of new parents and just something that you will learn to tackle very fast.

But, if you are just a bit like me, and have a hard time changing the baby anywhere but home, this post might be something valuable for you.

I always end up bargaining and trading other chores with my girlfriend, just for the sake of not changing the diaper, when we are in restaurants, airports or in the mall, I go into a slight panic-mode when I don’t know exactly what to do.

So, that’s why I set out to research this subject, before going on a plane with my baby girl.

Hopefully, my boy is toilet-trained before our next flight, he’s almost there, but she is only a little baby, and she enjoys a good s**t, and it is always exactly at the most inappropriate time

Actually, traveling with a baby as they are still breastfeeding, might be the easiest time you’ll be able to go on an airplane until the kids are 4 or 5 years old.

As they will grow older, the needs will grow and they will get bored. It is easier with a sleeping little baby, who just need a diaper change once in a while.

NOTE: There is no guarantee, that the flight you are on, has baby changing facilities.

But as my research goes, longer flights usually have better facilities than the shorter flights. I remember when going to New York (from Amsterdam) which is a 7.5-hour flight, the toilet facilities is better than when on a 4-hour plane.

And the toilet facilities when flying on a 1-hour flight is just horrible.

Depending on how old your baby is, you might want to wait, if you are landing anytime soon, why bother changing the diaper if you are walking out the plane in 15 minutes or so?

As I said, this is depending on the age of the child. If your child is still breastfeeding, the dirty diaper might not be as smelly as if it is a 2-year old toddler diaper.

REMEMBER: Be humble and polite when bringing a baby on a plane, your baby might cry, your baby might be making dirty diapers like they got paid to do it.

Other people do not need to be a part of you or your baby’s needs. There is very little space in a plane, so make sure that you are not a pain for the other travelers

7 Tips for changing a baby on a plane

I have come up with some tips, that serves as a reminder for myself if I panic I don’t know what to do. This is some solutions I have come up with, by reading other bloggers and travel-related websites.

REMEMBER: If there are baby changing facilities on the plane, you should use them.

I actually think that you are obliged to use them, and the flight attendants will ask you to if you are considering other solutions.

What do you do if you are changing a diaper on a plane, and there are no baby changing facilities?

No. 1: Change the diaper before boarding

Okay, this is for everyone. The number one and most basic tip of doing anything, anywhere with a diaper-wearing child or baby.

Change the diaper before going. If you know that your flight is boarding at 11:45 then go change the diaper at 11:35, make sure to board with a fresh and nice diaper on the little one.

If your baby is sleeping, then you have to judge if it is worth waking up the baby. But I really think, that you either made some bad choices in timing the sleep or the flight might have been delayed.

Because you should try timing the baby sleep for when being in mid-flight, it is better for you, for the baby and for other travelers.

No. 2: Ask the flight attendant for tips

As you are seated, the flight attendant will likely be making the rounds and asking if you need something.

Use this opportunity to ask about the baby changing facilities on the plane. The airplane is their place of work, they know the ins and out of the plane, and have seen parents changing their baby before.

They will be able to tell you about the baby changing facilities if any.

And there isn’t any, you can ask about, what other people do if they have a dirty diaper situation.

No. 3: Bring a folding diaper-changing mat

This is travel essential, and a parent essential gear. Always bring a folding diaper changing mat.

You don’t want the baby lying on some dirty floors and strange toilet-seats. These mats are very cheap, I think we have two or three different ones, depending on where we are going.

They come in VERY handy, and you will have to bring one if you are going on holidays anyway.

Find one at Amazon here: Travel Diaper Mats (Affiliate Link)

No. 4: Booking an extra seat for some flights

I don’t know exactly about this one, because I’d rather go for tip number 5 or 7 myself, but if money is not a problem, and you want more space anyway for your baby.

Then an extra seat would also do for a surface to change a diaper, as I am writing in tip number 6, it is inappropriate to change your 2-3 year old on the seats of the plane.

When you are flying with a kid, under 2 years old, they will not have their own seat, but you might want to book one anyway.

No. 5: Changing at the floor in the back

I think this is the part of the plane, that is called the gallery. Either it is in the back or in the front of the plane, I don’t quite remember.

But there is a space, let’s say it is in the back for the plane, where you will find more floor-space.

Make sure that you are not in the way of people crossing, and make sure that your baby does not get stepped on by any chance.

This is also some sort of the last solution, as the other guests will be able to watch, and a dirty diaper is not something everyone enjoys watching.

No. 6: Be polite, and ask for help

The times we have been flying with a child, our seatmates are very chatty and generally love interacting with the little child.

This might not be the case, but if you are polite and have been all the way, you might ask the seatmates of your row, if they are able to stand up for just 10 minutes as you change your kid’s diaper

REMEMBER: Do not change the diaper, at a stranger’s seat, that is inappropriate and bad behavior. 

But use the extra room, to put your kid down in your own seat, and use your own seat, as the surface.

You might also want to tell the person, that you are politely asking to help you by standing up, that you are not using their seat, but your own. You just need the extra space to be able to change the diaper.

I don’t think you should be doing this with a toddler. Only do this with babies.

No. 7: Changing on the toilet seat

The airplane will most definitely have a toilet, and some, but not all, has a toilet-seat cover to fold down over the toilet. This makes for a flat surface to change the little one.

And you are near water, to wash your hands and to save you from “accidents”. No matter if the plane would include baby changing facilities or not, I would go for the bathroom option.

I need to be very near an opportunity to wash my hands. Otherwise, I feel dirty all day.

Have you changed your baby differently on a plane?

Please tell us how, in the comments, so everyone will learn from your experience as well.

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