How Do You Find Child Care While Visiting Las Vegas?

If you’re a family planning to visit or relocate to Las Vegas, you’ll probably be wondering what kind of childcare options there are. It is not easy to leave your child with new people, however.  I spent some time gathering information on the various daycare centers as well as alternative options. How do you find […]

What Documents Do Kids Need To Fly?

While scheduling an international summer vacation for your family, you should get started several months ahead of the departure date. Flying with children comes with a lot of responsibilities.  The travel requirements for overseas flights are more extensive than those within the country. I did some more research and compiled a list of necessities. What

Is London In France?

If you aren’t from the United Kingdom (UK) or England, there is a lot you might be missing out on. History classes don’t cover most modern history, and they don’t cover the odd questions I came across.  I did some research to find out a lot of funny things about the United Kingdom and England.

Are Travel Pillows Worth It?

Whether you commute frequently for work or are able to trod the globe, travelling can be exhausting. Anything you can do to make the trip more comfortably and (hopefully) get a little rest while you’re in transit can greatly improve your quality of life during your trip. A telltale sign of a frequent flyer is

Do Neck Pillows Count As Carry On? Rules By 19 Airlines

If you’ve traveled by air lately, then you know that there seem to be increasingly smaller seats on planes so that more people can pack onto the flight. That means comfort isn’t always top-notch anymore when you’re traveling by air. As a result, people search for ways to make air travel more comfortable, including the

25 US Based Family Vacation Ideas For A Family Of 3-5

When planning a family vacation for five, it is sometimes hard to get good ideas on unique places to visit. It can be hard trying to please everyone, especially when you are bringing people of different ages and preferences along on the same ride. But whether you’re wanting to adventure outdoors, spend a week at

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