Hello, my name is Simon Hansen, I love traveling and so does my better half.

Before I hit my 25’s, I had what people call the “perfect life”: young, with a good job, good salary, nice colleagues. The whole package. But I wasn’t happy.

At some point in my career I realized that I wasn’t made for the corporate system. I just needed more excitement, more freedom, more opportunities to do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it.

Then, I quit my “perfect” job and I started working as a tourist guide in Bulgaria. It was an eye-opening experience that would change my mindset forever. Currently I am an Internet entrepreneur and I run my own company.

I am lucky to share my life with a girlfriend who feels the same way as I do. We have two kids now, and we love to see the world with them. Hopefully, they will inherit our way of thinking.

As you may know if you are here, traveling with kids can be challenging sometimes, but the reward is priceless. As parents that love traveling, we decided to create this blog so we could share our experience and hopefully help other people.

“The purpose of this blog is to help you overcome all the challenges of traveling with kids by sharing our experiences”.

The majority of the posts have been written by us, but we’ve had the opportunity to work with some writers that helped us out with some of the content.

However, no post has been published without us checking that everything followed our way of thinking, ensuring that we deliver valuable content for you.

Last but not least, we recommend products that we either use or would be willing to use. If we can’t get our hands on a product, we make sure we gather all the info possible, as if we were to buy it for our family.

What Do You Get?

The whole purpose of us creating this blog is to make life easier for other parents who also love traveling with their families.

Therefore, we want to help you by:

  • Giving you relevant information family-travel related.
  • Tips to enjoy the whole family traveling experience.
  • Providing detailed information on products based on unbiased opinion.
  • Showing the benefits of traveling as a family.
  • Suggesting family-friendly destinations.

If you are ready to bring your family to the next adventure, welcome to our blog and safe travels!

Do you have any questions? We are glad to help 🙂

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